You know you can configure your domain with Gmail

Google Apps is a suite of applications offered by Google, you can use with your domain .
Using Google Apps service ( ) is possible, for example , use your domain as if it were any other traditional Gmail account , you can send and receive emails directly in Gmail with the advantage of using your domain for example, .

For this process to be possible you need to create an account on Google Apps ( paid ) , and configure your domain with the ” MX Records ” Google . The account creation process is fairly generic so we will pass it forward and will explain the technical part .
After your done registration will then have to set up your domain with Google , just follow the steps below :
1 – Go to the customer area of Flexi and go Domains > My Domains > Management Tools > DNS Management
2 – Insert Google MX records as the picture below
Finally simply click ” Save Changes “
And ready! Just wait for the changes to propagate (it takes up to 24 hours ) so that everything is running and pass to receive their emails through with your custom domain
What are MX records ?
The e- mail exchange (MX) records direct email from one domain to servers that host the accounts of domain users .
To set up Gmail with Google Apps , you need to point your MX records to Google’s email servers.
Multiple MX records can be defined for a domain , each with a different priority .
If the email cannot be delivered using the first priority register, the second register will be used and so on.
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