WordPress plugins to manage ads and banner advertising

WordPress plugins to manage ads and banner advertisingIf you want or use your WordPress blog with a business purpose to make money through ads or banners, use a manager for these ads is key. The vast majority of banner advertising managers allow you to choose what kind of ads show from customers banners, affiliate programs, Google Adsense ads, etc. Added to that, the vast majority of WordPress Themes not provide manager banners, and they offer are very limited in terms of options. If you have no web development knowledge with WordPress probably will feel some difficulty in creating a manager these ads to your blog, so it is best to use plugins.


There are many plugins to manage ads and banner advertising in the WordPress plugin repository. However, not all plugins serve the purpose of more accurately and / or are too complex to use. For all this, we decided to make a small list with only the best plugins to manage ads on your blog. If perchance we forget some really very good, leave a comment to add the product!11
1. Cranky ADS
If you sell advertising on your blog, this WordPress plugin is certainly an asset . Once installed, it automatically creates a page ” Advertise Here ” on your blog. Some of the skills of this plugin include:
  • Possibility of rotating banners ;
  • Creating zones and unlimited campaigns. You can place as many banners and how many dimensions you want ;
  • Set the price and duration of the campaign ( integrated payments with PayPal) ;
  • Allow your customers to buy ads directly on your blog ;
  • Easy to review and approve new customer announcements.
This is a slightly more advanced plugin that already requires some work to be running at 100 % . The great advantage of this plugin is that it supports all kinds of ads and of any size. It can be used by widgets or placing a PHP code in the template file you want. You can make the tracking of the number of clicks, set periods , set the size and weight of the ads, etc. You can also manage the ads individually or ad groups , create performance reports for their advertisers , etc.
3. This ad manager is focused on advertising banners of 125×125 , or any other format banners that have square dimensions , ie with the same horizontal and vertical dimension (eg .: 250 × 250, 300 × 300 , etc. ) . The plugin works through widgets and a drag and drop interface to drag and release the ads in order to organize your pocisionamentos . You can use as many widgets you want and how many columns and rows you want. Added to this is also possible to rotate the ads in all positions .
4. As the name suggests, this plugin is designed to help you optimize your Google Adsense ads. You will only need to put your Adsense ID, choose from the various formats available , and select where and how you want to show the ads. You can configure the plugin to show ads only on articles, pages , at the bottom of articles, among the items at the top , right, left, center or randomly show only articles with X number of words , etc. You may want to disable Adsense ads on a particular type of article . Undoubtedly one of the most complete plugins for bloggers looking to make money with Google Adsense.
This plugin is relatively similar to Cranky ads since aims to help you to sell your advertisements to readers or customers. It allows any visitor to your site to buy an ad on your blog, to upload the image, pay by Paypal and see the ad will automatically appear on your blog . Added to that , the Komoona Ads allows you to display Adsense ads when your banners are not being used by customers.


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