WooDojo – Features of WooThemes in your WordPress

The WooThemes recently launched another WordPress plugin , totally free, called WooDojo , which aims to bring the best features of WooThemes into all WordPress blogs. After the huge success of WooCommerce , the free E- Commerce plugin from WooThemes team, then comes this new free plugin for WordPressers community, which aims to help make your more functional WordPress blog and integrate new features to then you could just buy a template of WooThemes . In order to take WooThemes virtually everywhere, the development team has produced this fantastic plugin that you can download for free here !


As mentioned by WooThemes team, the WooDojo plugin is a suite of features for WordPress , which , when activated within your WordPress blog , add to it new features that previously did not exist. The purpose of this plugin is to introduce new features on your WordPress blog , which you can use to improve your blog or introduce new forms of communication with its members.
As mentioned above, all these features were only available for those who bought a theme from WooThemes, but are now available to all bloggers and users of WordPress. At the request of the WooThemes user community, the company decided to launch these widgets for you to introduce new features to your blog, as the Tabs widget, Shortlinks, Custom Code widget, new login page for your blog, social icons to your posts, sidebars of WooThemes or even WooCommerce, which can be integrated directly through WooDojo!


This first version of WooDojo includes the following features:
WooSidebars: Specify areas for custom widgets into your posts, pages, files, etc.
Tabs: Integrate a widget elegant tabs on any site that supports widgets.
Shortlinks: Add your favorite URLs shortener and show shortened URLs for your articles.
Custom Code: Add CSS code easily to your blog.
Login: Replace the default WordPress login box for its own identity.
Social Widgets: A collection of widgets to connect their users to their social profiles.
In addition to this, with the WooDojo, you just need to enable the features you like more, there is no need to have all the features active or consuming resources on your WordPress!


As mentioned, the WooDojo is a plugin for WordPress , completely free and developed by WooThemes team. Download it , install the plugin on your WordPress blog and activate it . After that , just set your favorite options and get the most out of them in your WordPress blog !


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