What is Cloud Computing ?

Cloud Computing

Simple Introduction about What is Cloud computing?

cloud computing ( cloud computing ) is a technology that allows remote access to programs (software) , files ( documents, music , games, photos , videos) and services through the internet .

Say you have to deliver a school work and you forgot to print it. How to solve a situation like this? Simple, through the school computer with internet access, you can access your personal files and print the job. This is because with cloud computing your data is not confined to a hard disk of your computer, they are available on the web. Such as Google Docs, where you can create documents and store them online.

What many people do not know is that this technology has already been used for a long time. Users who have an email account, such as Hotmail, can access your emails anywhere. That is, they do not need the Outlook Express program, to be able to read e-mails, simply need to log in to e-mail the web account on any computer connected to the Internet. There is no Hotmail software installed on your computer, it is accessed by the Web, or in the cloud. Because cloud? The cloud symbol is often used to represent the diagrams and flowcharts internet, so the term is used to represent the Internet.

The main suppliers of this technology are Microsoft, Salesforce, Skytap, HP, IBM, Amazon and Google. Customers of cloud computing to access comprehensive services must pay for the resources they use. Many find this technology a good way to save money on hardware, software and services, especially companies. Large organizations to use cloud computing, do not need to buy, for example, a set of software or software licenses for every employee. Instead, hire a cloud computing service and pay a fee.

The main cloud computing characteristics are agility, scalability, anywhere access and different devices (cell phones, laptops and PDAs), enables the sharing of resources by a large group of users, easy to use services, not necessary installation. However, the terms of security worries a bit. As has emerged technologies like this to facilitate access to information, in addition specialized people breaking into computers and programs, the “hackers” can invade our data and steal them. However, these suppliers of cloud computing invest heavily in security, the so-called “antivirus cloud”.

The trend is that computers of the future will have lower prices, compared with the current prices because of more simplified form will be produced , since most of your data is stored outside the hardware. Especially the mini laptops because they can be easily loaded , have low power consumption and are much cheaper.


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