Web Design Trends for 2017

Web Design Trends for 2017

web design trends for 2017: In this post, we are providing the latest and greatest web design trends for 2017

Web Design Trends for 2017

1. Music Auto-play

Not long ago, the rule was never included audio on websites unless it was optional and definitely never put it on auto-play.

But these assumptions seem to be changing. The sound has been used in particular by websites related to the media, music, movies, games or sites with a design “storyline”. The appearance of the audio on a website should not be a shock to the user’s ear, an example is This Was Louise’s Phone. This site is used the auto-play, but first, comes an image showing that the sound is being loaded and at any time the user can turn off the audio, decide how you want to interact with the platform. Start with peaceful spaced and slightly noisy sounds are also useful suggestions to good use audio. We recall, finally, it is very important to use the sound as part of the content and that it must significantly contribute to the user experience. Do not use it just because you want to try something new, but with a purpose.

2. Mix photography with illustration

It can be a difficult technique, but the line between photography and illustration has been crossed. Mixing real and drawn elements can add refinement to a project and give you a fun and visually intriguing touch. It is important to do so without falling into the “clich√©” to have a truly lasting impact on its users. Here are some suggestions:

– Use illustration for buttons and icon’s, and the photo to the dominant visual impacts;

– Develop a visual pattern that is based on the illustration and then add small elements of illustration in the image sections or video;

– Create lustrations excited to give a different and interactive touch with images;

– Designing an illustrated logo or stamp that can gain prominence when placed on top of the brand images;

– Use the diagram to help guide users through other visuals, and tell your story.

3. stamps over the images

These stamps are everywhere. From the logo design to printers “vintage retro”, this format has become a fundamental piece of minimalist design. Designers are using these very stamps blank or semi-transparent, the tendency is to put them on top of the image, without slides on websites. This trend has evolved into something that no longer seen for some time, as the choice of typefaces in bold, with larger dimensions. This logic applied to the logos can be very positive for small businesses and portfolio it creates a focus on one idea and helps to convey the message that is to be effective. Its functionality is, in fact, the very reason that currently, this type of design is so popular.


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