Tutorial| How to change the look of your admin panel WP2.7

The new version of WordPress 2.7 is out for some time, and one of the things that is readily apparent is the fact that many users have not yet migrated their blogs because the admin panel is quite different from what they are accustomed . But one of the interesting things WordPress is that it is extremely flexible and allows you to re- adapt easily to your needs, including visual and navigation .

The following tutorial will help you through images and texts to fit your WordPress admin panel.
By default WordPress uses in your admin panel a gray template , although the user can choose between Gray and Blue . Unfortunately none of the above designs is available by default in this release , so you’ll even get used to working with the new panel , even though can adapt it more to your liking .
One of the advantages of the new WordPress is that it is compatible with the OZH plugin Admin Drop Down Menu .
This plugin among many other things , allows the user to create a horizontal drop down menu with all the features present in the standard vertical menu.
There are always many users who find that the administrative WordPress dashboard is too complex for their needs , or too long . If you want to hide some of the specific areas of your panel , such as writing , I suggest using the Ad minimize plugin .

This plugin allows you to recreate a rather simplistic administrative panel and the image of your needs.
We also believe that the new WP2.8 version that will be released in the spring, will use a very similar operation scheme, which means that you can keep your options properly configured .

For anyone who is a fan of vertical menus in the blog admin panel, recommend the use of Fluency Admin plugin . Recently it launched an exclusive version for WordPress 2.7.

Despite the current icons administration panel has been chosen by the WordPress community public vote , the truth is that many users do not like them – to facilitate their lives , there is Tangofy plugin, which makes this change possible.


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