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In Blog Online-Seva try writing articles on the latest in technology, applications, and best practices that help increase performance of businesses in this era, however we think is very important be able to find if current practices are correct and which direction walks Digital Marketing .
For this reason we divided the main article Trends in Digital Marketing in two parts, analyzing this week the 6 Discontinued Practices in Marketing, or see what was done and what is left to do. For the next week we will launch the second part of this article with “10 Digital Marketing Trends 2015/2016”.

Digital marketing Trends-Part-1: Tutorial
Discontinued Practices in Digital Marketing
The evolution of the Internet, Google’s entry, the globalization of Facebook, the creation of numerous applications and online tools allowed at this time we do not we can refer to the past to be talking about 50 years ago, but the recent past 10 years or even less, in that everything changes and that what we now think is one absolute truth quickly becomes an obsolete truth. Here I leave a summary of what was done and that this time is not correct continue to:
Stop devices, mousetraps and Clickbait!
“The drama, the tragedy, the horror!” Remember this famous words of Artur Albarran in SIC program “True Images”? The Click bait is almost … it is what is called the creation of content intended to attract clicks, using people’s fears, anxieties, ambitions and curiosities to raise visits and refer them to the landing page. To do just a banner with a curious phrase on one of these topics and be as vague as possible. Out of curiosity visit the website Click Hole created as satire / parody of this practice.
Due to the use and abuse of this marketing technique, nowadays the vast majority of users are practically “immune”, managing to distinguish between half-truths in the messages and whether the target website is reliable in selling products or providing information for this reason begin to forget this kind of communication to attract good leads.
Stop Telemarketing impersonal and without data
Should retain the Telemarketing is a painful practice for the customer, it is not only never a good time to stop a person who did not plan a conversation with your company , as usually the contact is not made to offer products and customers know of this.
Having worked for some years in this field I can tell , both the individual experience as other communicators , that the first reaction of 99 % (OK , 99.99 %) customers an incoming call is invariably ” What THESE me want now , “beginning standing behind the conversation with the communicator . The use of telemarketing currently has to be done carefully , no anonymous numbers , scripts cannot robotizar communicators , all the talk must have a personal nature and can not connect only to sell or give an exclusive promotion to you ( that it is the same for all other customers ) .
There are CRMs , SCRMs , tools for route monitoring and pages visited potential customers on the website, there are customizable promotions so use them to be as close as possible to each customer.
Note that advocate that telemarketing is important but should be well used, for example to reheat leads, remind customers that the company is with them for when they need it , ask for feedback from them , pamper them but offer products BUT EVEN OFFERING .
Eliminate hidden clicks
A practice still very common on websites is hindering visitors from the point where it shows the access to the content until the get. This practice uses hidden banners, multi opening links or alternate clicks (the first click the link goes to the first ad, the second for the second advertising and the third finally to the desired content) downloads by waiting until the release, etc … these practices not only have the same effect are not successful a few years ago, as they serve this time to catalog the website of “boring” and have penalty in SEO. The reason for its ineffectiveness is simple, the habit has led to the vast majority of users can currently easily distinguish the banner advertising the actual buttons, multi clicks are used to close windows in milliseconds (at the risk of leaving unwillingly to go back), and to release timing, it is ideally used for users to see more page content and / or advertising, while increasing the page display time (good for SEO), this time only makes that users change window to continue browsing and then to download not assigning real value waiting.
Bottom line: If you have good GIVE IT content and ask in return the proportional value to the content, for example an e-mail to unlock if exclusive and premium content then ask for more contact details and ask if you can contact the customer and generate this forms a good lead. Let dissemblers clicks and other barriers to the blogs you live advertising and CPCs.
Just to say Mass Mail
Except for discount coupons and regular newsletters, which in itself must have good content effectively to customers , try to avoid clogging the email accounts of subscribers with unnecessary information . No one likes spammers and companies should not be associated with this practice so send critical information , trying to know the habits of subscribers to target the most useful information , of course, customize e- mails is always friendly and produces better results than when a person feels ” more a flock.”
Not intuition but to information
“I believe we will have good results” is normally accompanied by “after all it was not so.” This happens for one of three reasons: over-reliance on intuition, lack of previous data or planning disability. Intuition alone, at a time when there is so much competition between companies is halfway to failure; lack of data for the globalization era of digital information is impossible to accept as justification. Traditional planning failure has to do with human resources with inadequate training or work overload. For this reason I suggest you monitor all results, clicks, online courses, campaigns based on previous results, competing campaigns, optimize them and only go by intuition when they create something innovative, if not innovative study first!
Exception to this rule: When the cost of study is much higher than the cost of experimentation, follow intuition, experience and then optimize results.
Eliminate false testimony
This practice worked before there companies put forms to prove the existence of people , for example, take directly the testimonies of social networks, where people are identifiable , put company names recognized by the back of the testimony making it credible , etc. . From the moment that there is a method to recognize the people of the testimony , all those who do not have this form of recognition become unreliable , so it wants witnesses make their customers happy and ask them to give the face by your company.
Do not miss next week the release of ” 10 Digital Marketing Trends for 2015/2016 ” .


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