Top 7 – Web Design Trends for 2020

Web Design , as an industry that is imposed by its avant-garde impact , develops very rapidly , generating trends that optimize and change in a flash .
If you are Designer or just like to be abreast of the latest in the world of design do not miss this article that the Online Seva prepared especially for you.

The 7 major trends of Web Design for 2016:

Currently the trends were unfolding according to the main standards of the year 2015 , continuing the same through continuous evolution and also the exploration of new methods. Stress is the major focus of attention in recent years: the web design responsive and flat design, playing in order to improve web performance and mobile, speed and user experience.
# 1 – Flat Designed continued to dominate
With the design responsive to expand the flat design is , therefore , continue to dominate the aesthetic concept of the web. Not only increases the number websites launched with an aesthetic flat , as those who had already adopted make it increasingly flat.
Not only visually it becomes a nice option , as well as functionally , as it makes them lighter and faster websites and return the content to the user more effectively , adapting easily to different resolutions and media.
#2 Material Design gaining more followers
The adoption of Material Design has been discreet since expanded in 2014 by Google, but now becomes more imposing and more and more important in the media that more use . It is visible as this trend is clearly held out of mobile applications , which had its major impact to the web.
The material design focuses on tactile elements that simulate and dynamic elements with overlapping shadows and enhancing the interaction. The process of creating interfaces becomes simpler, since the material meets the language utility and experience of the interaction.
# 3 – intense and bright colors are here to stay
Large color areas are one of the trends this year , as they have been for the last 2/3 years. The difference is now in the color palette that has expanded and become more vivid and bright, while 2015 remained a more limited number of colors and all of them very similar. With some influence of the material design certainly , but used generally too hard.
# 4 – Design of modules improves functionality
The Web Design has to meet the modular design and components , rather than the whole by creating layouts . This way of graphically developing a website or application arises from the conclusion that use elements repeated in different screens. Thus, a need exists to be able to use them both independently and in harmony with the rest of the website.
The card formats become user-friendly, given the ease of interpretation and organization of your content , being widely used in crowded pages of information they need to guide its entirety . The modules reflect not only a visual or aesthetic concerns , as well as functional , allowing the same function to be replicated in several areas of the website.
# 5 – Animations bring featured on the web
As websites and applications gain uniformity elements and become more similar , there is a need to get some prominence on the web. One of the ways used to make a difference has been , as has been noted since 2015, the creation of small animations. These make all the difference in regards to making the most captivating design, but must respect the interface for this around , not becoming a nuisance or a distraction to the website or application purpose.
The usual animations and already somewhat annoying have been replaced by animations that reflect not only visually pleasing effect , as they serve a purpose , as is the case Slack platform screen loading effect that presents an animated its logo to indicate the platform is in operation.
# 6 – increasingly valued Interaction
Hand in hand with the animation has also been interaction. It is increasingly appreciated the thought interaction so check the connection between the user and the device , and this will mark or allow to study how the application / platform can meet their goals or methods should take to improve the experience of utilize. From small messages that come up the most creative pages , it is important (even if unnoticed way ) , guide you and invite you to action.
A good example of animation + interaction is the recent reaction of Facebook buttons that move when moving the mouse and suggest an action to the user.
# 7 – Video content is king
The improvement of the internet speed and better integration of video bring the taste for a more immersive video experience. The video clips are growing from small snippets to long clips where the images are sharp and in high definition by creating a video online experience that users are used to having other types of devices, such as television and film.
The videos in high definition have come to be reflected in many areas and pages of websites, but its most striking presence gives up on top of the homepage or on the front pages of the applications that summarize the best character and the voice of the brand that represent. These emotionally communicate with the user, both for its graphics and visual characteristics or the strong message passing.
Also explanatory or tutorial videos have shown a great reach and popularity. It is very common to visit a page of a product or service and find one of these videos. Its purpose is to demonstrate how this product / service works within seconds and clearly, because often a simple list of features is not enough to clarify, or even draw the user’s attention.
Checking these tendencies become evident web designers attempt to make the creation easier, faster and efficient websites from methods more uniform and robust design. They have been placed at our disposal the best alternatives, resulting from improved techniques and technologies are multiple aspects to take into account. This article aims to summarize a whole combination of trends that have been maturing since the last few years to improve building websites to make them more engaging and interactive.


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