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See how small changes can make a big difference in loading your site or blog on WordPress platform. Who chooses the WordPress platform for their projects, usually make the choice, both for ease of use, as by the features like plugins and widgets that it offers. But many bloggers and webmasters end up taking action, which end up harming the site’s performance as a whole. Flooding the site with excessive advertisements, banners, etc.

As the site loading speed is a metric that is fairly taken into account by Google, it is important to pay attention to it, after all, as Paul has already addressed here in several posts, Google visits and search engines are very important. If you are in doubt about the actual load time of your website can make Pingdom test for example, and see if it is improving as we apply our tips below. Let’s get to know here then, some things you can do that will surely leave your site faster or blog:
Tips to make your WordPress site load faster
Although I thoroughly spoken here, it’s always good to remember: avoid installing too much plugins. Make sure there is no code with the same function of a given plugin. Article 10 new snippets for your WordPress, Paul cites several interesting snipets that can be used, avoiding unnecessary installing plugins.
It is obvious that your project needs to monetize, though, for you to make money, sometimes less is more. Sometimes few banners of affiliate programs can leave the attention of more focused user and higher conversion than a multitude of banners cluttering and leaving slow your site. Adsense ads, for example, sometimes more worthwhile, monetarily speaking, place 1 or 2 banners, than using all available links and banners.
Partnerships are important and should be done for sure, but always try to measure if the partnership is bearing fruit, or if you’re just cluttering your site with banners of others. Do not fall in that conversation that you should put a banner of a website and that it will measure the analytics and place your banner months later, maybe who knows. Partnership is a two-way street. By the way, look for hosting the images of these banners on your own server, it calls several banners end up leaving the site slower still to open.
If you do not have knowledge, it is important to always ask someone who understands, a programmer or developer to give a checked in your code, to avoid incorrect calls and unnecessary queries. Believe me, it is an investment that is worth it! Many free themes ready, hidden links and codes that may end up hurting you. If you are not an expert, there are some tricks that even a layman can use to which Paul already in Article 22 with new tricks and hacks for your WordPress blog and that will optimize your blog or website in wordpress.
It is important to keep your wordpress up to date, do not think that this is “waste of time” because the new one versions may always fix bugs and try to optimize their performance. Avoid beta versions, download only when it is announced that the version is already finished and ready for download by comunidade.Somente pay attention to check whether your plugins and theme, are compatible with the new version.
It is important to always keep your site optimized, not only the question of google as I mentioned, but also by its user surely prefer to navigate a fast-loading site, or you reader (a) when browsing, like waiting a website open for more than 15 seconds? Well, your visitor will not.
And you reader (a)? What techniques used to keep fast loading of your website or blog on wordpress?
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