Tips for certification Oracle Java 7 Programmer I

OCA Java7Desde the time I started the program I hear people saying that the Java language is easy, that Google has the ready code and among other examples cited that the list would be huge.
I have always maintained the Java development, precisely the concept of write once run everywhere, which allows your code to be written only once and can be run on any platform, and also for its facility from the moment you install an IDE on your machine is just developing.
At the end of 2015, as it had a good experience with the language, I decided to take the Java Certification 7 programmer I thought to myself, it will be easy, since I schedule a long time. I bought a preparatory book for Certification approved by Oracle (just for the sake of conscience). When I started reading I was surprised out of the ordinary, I knew nothing, preparatory exercises were extremely complex, very deep concepts, something that could ever imagine. So the solution was the most logical: start studying.
My routine studies was pretty intense because I wanted to have my Java certification as soon as possible. Every night for about two hours, I dedicated myself exclusively to studies, both theoretical and practical. It is no use just read the chapters of the book, the concepts are fixed only when simulated, ie, we exercise, we have compiled some code and observe the compiler behavior and the result displayed on the console. Another important thing: forget the use of IDEs, during the process of studies if the MAC using the Sublime as a text editor; Windows, Notepad ++; Linux VI or Gedit (a few). Compile your code via console and there will even see the results of your tests.
I believe that the main point in the study phase is the realization of Mocks, which are nothing more than the simulated test, with the same number of questions and time of the original trial. These Mocks help, and who will take the test to get an idea of their performance
The test lasts 120 minutes and a total of 70 questions, you have about 1.7 minutes per question, some will surely be resolved in a few seconds, others can already take more than two minutes, all depending on the degree of preparation candidate. It proves much tiring. When the last 20 questions arrive, you no longer take any more codes or see something related to Java, and it is exactly at this time that we tend to make faster to finish as soon as possible.
To finish the race, a message on the computer screen appears, saying that the results will arrive within 30 minutes, believe me, are 30 minutes longer than ever spent.
April 11, 2016, I did the test 1Z0-803 OCA Java 7 Programmer I and was approved! The path is difficult, requires a lot of dedication and effort, studies consume a good time, not because the concepts are extremely difficult, but because the focus is in the details, the questions are created targeting the language details, making it difficult to prove and tiresome to be undertaken.
I hope I may have helped in something sharing a little of my experience with Java 7 certification.
Below the Book of links that I used for my preparation to the Mocks.


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