Steps for Migrating your Joomla Site to WordPress

Step by Step Process Moving Joomla WebSite to WordPress

It is very natural that site managers decide , for various reasons, to switch from your current CMS to WordPress due to a number of factors, including the ease of WordPress use, and have available a series of plugins and template really powerful , provided by the developer community , often for free.

WordPress is used today by more than 70 million websites and blogs around the world , and want to change to another CMS to WordPress is the most natural, given the versatility of WordPress, security, extensions and even the development community plugins and templates , which makes this the best CMS in the world for creating websites and blogs. Moreover, like WordPress works with HTML and PHP, integrating functionality in hand is extremely simple and easy to achieve .

Migrating your Joomla site to WordPress

Why change the Joomla by WordPress ?

Recently I came across the need to migrate a site developed with Joomla to WordPress, the need came from the client’s decision to use a content manager , which he considered more versatile.
The interesting thing is that since I started with the website creation service, used to opt for Joomla, due to its structure , at the time, be more qualified to business sites than WordPress, but this is a good time.
Now WordPress has a great advantage , especially in your learning curve and simplicity of use of creating pages and posts . With so many customers asking to change themselves, or in any case myself indicate .
This article will not go into the matter of comparing the two CMS , but you can get more information in a comparative article between Joomla and WordPress which recently launched on my blog.

Migrating Joomla Content for WordPress

The first step is to install WordPress into a directory and different database of the current installation of your Joomla . Upon completion of the WordPress installation , go to the installation of plugins and search for FG Joomla . If you’ve done the migration of content from another WordPress site , the task is quite simple, as it works very similar to WordPress Importer way used for this task.
After activating the plugin , go to the WordPress menu, the Tools ยป Import option. There you will find a list of import tools available for installing WordPress . Click the option Joomla ( FG ) from the list , as below:

Importing Images and Media Files

The next screen is for the insertion of site data content source. Have at hand the information on access to basic Joomla installation data. The plugin offers the possibility of connection test with the bank data , use this to make sure that there is nothing wrong with the information entered .
The plugin also simplifies the migration of images and all media files, for this simply check the ” Force average import” option as the following picture :
But attention to avoid the importer has problems migrating your files , make sure your server is with the PHP attribute ” allow_url_fopen ” duly qualified server configuration.
To start the migration content , click the “Import content from Joomla to WordPress ” button. In a few minutes he will show the number categories, posts and media files that have been imported to your WordPress installation .
It will also be informed that you must modify the internal content links. Fortunately he also makes this change so that with one click you fix all internal links.
If you experience problems during import due to the large volume of content use the first option of the plugin for importing. The plugin gives you the option to only remove content that you have already imported , to prevent duplication , or clear the entire site content to start the import again . See the image below :
Another mistake that can happen is the message ” Fatal error: Allowed memory size of bytes exhausted ****** ” , which can be easily solved by increasing the PHP memory consumption limit.


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