Step by Step Guide to Moving the Database of your WordPress to a New Server

When you try to move a blog created in WordPress to a new host , the most natural is that you forget some simple modifications along the way. URLs are always the old hosting present in the new , you forget to update the database tables , or simply something fails in the complete change of the site to another server or domain. There are many tools for you to do database backup of your WordPress , their posts or other information, but none of them allows you to change everything in an automated fashion to a new hosting . Recently colleagues from wplift realized plugin WP Migrate DB , which is basically a plugin that allows you to migrate your database in a very simple , intuitive and direct. This plugin works for both sites or blogs that are already online , and for sites that you are developing on localhost using XAMPP , for example.


How to Moving the database of your WordPress to a new server
First you have to download and install the plugin WP Migrate DB . It is easy to find data backup tools, but no data migration tools . If you want you can search the plugin from your WordPress admin panel by going to “Plugins” tab , or install the plugin manually loading the file through this installer in the admin panel as well.


How to Moving the database of your WordPress to a new server
The plugin activation process is extremely simple. Go on the ” Plugins” and click ” Plugins ” to see the plugin installed on your WordPress system. Click “Enable ” for the plugin to be active and ready to use.


With the active and ready to use plugin, go on the ” Tools”> ” WP Migrate DB” to start the export of your WordPress database.
WordPress Moving Guide
In this section you have 4 available fields. The current address and the new address and the current location of the files and the new location for the files. The first is basic and certainly you understand. The second is the root location of your server. Usually when you buy a hosting, the root of your server is in If you have questions about whether this is the location of the root of your server, contact your hosting company to confirm.
Once you have completed all the fields in the image, press the “export database” button. The plugin will store your entire database in a .sql file so that you can use wherever they want.

In the new site, go to your phpMyAdmin (you can find it through cPanel or Fantastico) if you know where it is (if you are unsure, ask your hosting company), access the database of your WordPress and press the “Import” button. Then select the .sql file you downloaded using the plugin WP Migrate DB.
Remember that this operation is only to the database of your WordPress . Make sure that your permalinks are rewritten via the .htaccess file if the root of your server has changed. The advantage of using the plugin WP Migrate DB is that it automatically changes the database of URLs to the new ones that you assign , making you a lot of life in the management of a migration of this kind.
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