See 6 advantages to having a responsive site

The use of mobile internet has skyrocketed in recent years and this is not surprising. The searches made ??by mobile at Google , have searches made ??by computer for the first time. But even with so many convincing evidence , the vast majority of business sites is not suitable for navigation via mobile phones. What causes loss of business opportunities for companies and inconvenience to the user.

Here are some reasons to have a responsive site and understand why it is so important for marketing your business .

Mobile and responsive Design : What is the difference ?

6 advantages to having a responsive site
Responsive design requires you to have just a website developed to fit all screen sizes , no matter what device it is open .
Mobile Design is a completely separate model, which requires that you have a site only for mobile devices. furniture models are built for each specific site , not screen size.

More and more people use mobile devices
What is no surprise, but despite the impressive statistics, many companies still do not have a suitable site. Some important points:
– In 2015, more than half of Google searches were performed through mobile devices
– In India, 56% of Internet users access the Internet using a mobile device.
– Companies that offer a good mobile experience receive a good evaluation of 61% of people in relation to your brand

The user needs a positive experience
According to Gooogle’s search Think Insights for mobile, if you have a frustrated access or do not find what they were looking for, there is 61% chance to leave immediately.

Social activities and blogs attract mobile visitors
Blogs and social media incorporated into marketing strategies stimulate increased mobile traffic. In a recent study, e-Marketer says that 93% of mobile users in India use social media to your mobile device.
Share links or content to your site and not have a responsive site will cause you to witness high rates of rejection and low conversion rates, and frustrated users.

Responsive site is the best for search engines
We know that Google prefers responsive sites and have a single access address makes it easier for Google to crawl your site and reduces the chance of errors on page SEO. So responsive sites usually have better performance and are easier to maintain than a separate mobile site template.
Your responsive site must be fast
The standard recommends that the content above the fold on a mobile press less than 1 second and the entire page in less than 2 seconds. This is not feasible to carry a desktop site on a mobile device. Make a user wait long for a page load, makes the chance that he leave the site without reading the content will increase greatly.

Responsive websites adapt to any device
The biggest advantage of responsive design is that the model size was designed based on the size of the screen, not the device. Which means that no matter the size of the screen with which the user is viewing the site, it is displayed properly.
Thus, other devices that may be used for navigation (clocks, TV’s, glasses, etc.), have managed to access it without problems.
It is extremely important that your website provides to mobile users an easy to use experience. Having a mobile site is a must for anyone who wants to see your business grow.


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