Remarketing Benefits for Your Online Strategy

One of the main advantages of remarketing is to re-communicate and make direct and specific advertising to those who have visited your website or online store and / or has shown interest in your products and / or services.
Remarketing Benefits for Your Online Strategy
Segmenting potential customers access your web page, we are able to create specific and customized ads, presenting them to potential customers through advertising on Google search engine and thousands of websites around the world through AdSense. In this way we can considerably increase the number of purchases and acquisitions that have not been realized in the 1st contact.

When well-designed and best performed by experienced professionals Remarketing allows exponentially increase the amount of conversions with a cost per acquisition ( “cost per customer acquisition”) much lower than the usual online advertising campaigns. Later we return to this point.
Reach people who have already visited your website / online store but have not made any purchase also ceases to be impossible. Regular practice will communicate with customers who have done research or to “put the cart in the shopping cart” several products but have only made the acquisition of a small number.
Why not enhance sales from a potential customer that has shown interest in the product X to join , for example a ” Buy X campaign gets off to buy Y” of that product, or go to the same product but of higher range ( looking for the ” cross- seling ” and ” upselling ” respectively) ?
That is, to bet on Online Seva to move forward with a remarketing strategy in his campaign ads , your ad will appear only to people who are genuinely interested in your product or service!
These are the greatest advantages and benefits of Remarketing:
considerable reduction of “accidental traffic “
With the usual online advertising campaigns ( Facebook Ads and / or Google Adwords ) , and more defined and structured that are the keywords , your ads will appear invariably on irrelevant searches that will be counted as impressions.
These same impressions , clicks will result in less qualified and interesting contributing traffic, difficult to increase sales . Your ranking conversions ” on-page ” is effectively reduced , and may (and this is a scenario that we see enough in previous customer campaigns) the level of conversions increase illusory and unreal way. so easily by spending the budget that has been provided for marketing without those who watch the increase corresponding billing .
Betting on remarketing in online advertising allows us to overcome this kind of ” traps ” that Google and Search Engine Marketing (SEM ) have the least prepared .
virtually unlimited number of free prints
Taking advantage of the fact that the visitors to your website or online store already have been exposed and are minimally familiar with the products and / or services, the Remarketing enables us to “follow” these potential customers wherever they go!
Thanks to advertising specifically generated with Facebook Ads and Google Adwords and Ad-Sense, we can strengthen brand awareness ( “reinforcement brand”) is possible, as we have seen, advertising campaigns and discounts for certain products or services that have interested our visitor thus increasing, and real way, the volume conversion!
Introducing your company logo, slogan or your special campaign for that particular product will help your company to remain in memory and gain notoriety in the minds of consumers who surf the internet, although at an early stage of the research process and purchase.
More will be charged only after the action values have actually been carried out, or your ads have a virtually unlimited time to reach and convert potential consumers without that there is a charged one euro to be.
Remarketing also increases the visibility and “awareness” of your brand, giving the notion that his company “is everywhere” and is reliable. As they say in good Portuguese, “Who does not appear, forget it.”
reduced costs compared to traditional campaigns Google and Facebook Ads
The cost per click ( ” CPC ” ) Remarketing campaigns are , mostly , a fraction of what it costs , for example, a campaign first adwords page on some of the major and competitive keywords markets (keywords ) .
Coupled with already spoken greater efficiency , the traffic generated by remarketing thus has a cost / benefit much more positive that the majority of SEM campaigns .
Remarketing gives us a real opportunity to return to ” communicate ” with potential customers who already interact before and in which , in one form or another , since we have spent our time (eg, content production ) and money (eg : Google Adwords ) , taking them back to our website and exponentially increasing the likelihood of conversion.
Always remember , a bet on exemplary Remarketing strategy will result in :
Less Traffic Accidental + Free Prints Unlimited + Operating Costs Lower
= Conversion Higher rate ( and consequent increase in sales)


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