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Ration Card Complaints in Online| Food Security card(FSC) ComplaintsRation Card Complaints in Online – Ration card is one of the cards issued by the government of India that allows the people receive some essential grocery and kerosene oil for people of various categories, e.g., Below Poverty Line (BPL), Above Poverty Line (APL). There is also many classes of the ration card like the yellow card, green card, etc. Ration card has also used as the identity & address confirmation in many governments concerning processes & applications like the passport, driving license, minority scholarships, etc.

If you come here searching for the ration card similar queries, please browse this blog and you may find some valuable articles that will help your question. We tried to collect all the issues linked to ration card & have several posts to assist with the problems & following the method.
Ration card is the original document to avail subsidised the raw food items & fuel at the Fair Price Shops. Therefore, it is essential to have this record to reach this service at reasonable price. In common, once applying for the Ration card, it would take about one month to get the original ration card. In obtaining ration card or in using service from the fair price shops it is very natural to have the concerns.


Ration Card & Food Security Card(FSC) Complaints Online

If you are enduring any of the following queries, you can put the ration card complaint against it to a customer care through online who will give full guidelines & resolve the problem soon.
1. Applied for the ration card online, after the few days, while checking the status showing that no data had found.
2. Located one of the members eliminated in the FSC, presented proof to incorporate still not reflected.
3. Ration card applied for the family but got the FSC revealing only a few.
4. One of the family members not enrolled in the FSC, relating in unknown person FSC.
5. Shifted to another Fair Price Shop should issue to get promoted food & fuel.
6. Applied very long back from the Ration card yet found no status on online.
7. Ration card or referred as Food Security Cards (FSC) complaint & Customer Complaints in online
8. The temporary / short ration card will issue to migratory & duration of a card could not beat more than three months.
9. In the case, ration card is missed or lost or become damaged, mutilated, faint or otherwise rendered unless, for no guilt of the holder of a ration card, the sufficient authority can issue the duplicate ration card after directing the proper fee.
10. For extra information to added to the ration card, the birth certificate of a child is needed along with the ration card in which the extension has to make along with an application easily handwritten or typewritten on the plain paper directed to the Inspector, FCS & CA or Panchayat Pradhan


Ration card(FSC) Customer care number | Food Security Card Toll free number

Aside from these if you are having any concerns related to the Ration Card & Service you can call the customer care centre number which is entirely free of cost with the helpful service. Each and every state has its different toll free number or a customer care number to assist the client in determining issues. Customer care is the one of the centres who has the correct information to all the questions also has a jurisdiction to solve the Ration Card complaints or issues. The below are some of the contact numbers upon each states customer care services of ration card so that now you can call to get the problem resolved at free of cost or zero cost.
We are Providing the details about Ration card Complainants & Toll free customer care number, Food Security card(FSC) Complaints and Customer care number Toll free numbers Information State wise here. Any Query, Information, Suggestions, Complaints Regarding Ration card, Food security card(FSC) Drop a comments in given below comment box and solve your problems.
Ration Card Toll-Free National User Customer Care Number: 1600-11- 4000

Customer Support Helpline Numbers for Ration Card Customer Care (State Wise):

1. Telangana Ration Card(FSC) Customer care Number : 1967 and 180042500333

2. Odisha Ration Card(FSC) Customer care Number: 1800-345- 6724/60

3. Haryana Ration Card(FSC) Customer care Number: 1800-11- 0841 1800-180- 2090
4. Goa Ration Card(FSC) Customer care Number: 1800-233- 0022
5. Kerala Ration Card(FSC) Customer care Number: 1800-200- 2530/1076(BSNL) 91-471- 1076
6. Karnataka Ration Card(FSC) Customer care Number : 1800-425- 9339

7. Andhra Pradesh Ration Card(FSC) Customer care Number : 1800-425- 2977/0082

8. Gujarat Ration Card(FSC) Customer care Number: 1800-233- 0222/5500

9. Delhi Ration Card(FSC) Customer care Number : 1800-11- 0841

10. Himachal pradesh FSC Customer care number: 1800-180-8026

11. Madhya Pradesh FSC Customer care Toll free number: 181

12. Tamilnadu Ration Card(FSC) Customer care number: 044-28592828


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