Plugins Development Course for WordPress

The development of plugins for WordPress is one of the themes in vogue these days. Many people look for ways to create their own plugins and features and the truth is that the development of plugins is not a seven-headed animal and can be an excellent way to create their own features and also help the development community to WordPress. Think about it, the blog Ricardo decided to put to work and develop a course of development of plugins for WordPress, which is making available to your blog.

In this course you can learn in a practical and simple way, how to develop your own plugins, through video lessons practices. The course also has some basic rules and requirements so that your can extract as much knowledge as possible, namely:
Objective: To enable the student to create plugins for WordPress, thereby extending the same standard features and then changing existing ones, in order to make even more flexible platform.
Requirements: The student must have good knowledge of programming with PHP, learn the basic commands of SQL and logical knowledge of the CMS in question (WordPress).
Methodology: The course will be divided into six (6) phases, starting from a basic level and gradually moving on every level. Each phase will have explanatory classes with individual examples and will create a plugin as a final project that level. Thus, the course of the final will have a minimum of 6 developed plugins.
Plugins Development Course for WordPress

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Over the next few weeks , several video lessons will be published with all the step-by- step you need to create your own plugins . This course is taught by Ricardo , founder of the blog , and will be published regularly on the blog and is currently already available the first 4 video lessons that you can watch here:
    Development of plugins for WordPress – Lesson 1
    Development of plugins for WordPress – Lesson 2
    Development of plugins for WordPress – Lesson 3
    Development of plugins for WordPress – Lesson 4
The structure of the Plugins development course for WordPress will follow a chronological order to address various aspects of development for WordPress , namely:
Program content
Level 1
    – Introduction and initial concepts
    – Filters and actions
    – Activation and deactivation Actions
    – Final Project: Related posts by category
    Level 2
    – Shortcodes
    – Basic concepts
    – Attributes
    – Content
    – Final Project: series of posts by title or warning boxes in CSS
    Level 3
    – Widgets
    – Basic concepts
    – Method FORM
    – Method WIDGET
    – Widgets registration
    – Final design: advertising to authors and administrators
    Level 4
    – WP_Cron
    – Event Schedule
    – Custom Intervals for Schedules
    – Removing a scheduled event
    – Viewing Schedules
    – Schedule a single event
    – Final Project: Clean and automatically optimize the database
    level 5
    – Custom posts types
    – Custom taxonomies
    – Final Project: movie poster with relevant details
    level 6
    – Integration with database
   – Final project: creating a plugin for sales posts with payment via Paypal and PagSeguro and automatic return data
For you to get your Premium access this course course ( just like any other premium content of the blog) must purchase credits for Premium subscriptions blog system. Explanation of how the premium system blog :
Click here to access the page Plugins Development Course for WordPress !


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