Part II – TOP 5 Content Marketing to generate Traffic and Engagement

TOP 5 Content Marketing to generate Traffic and Engagement
In Part I of this article we introduce you to the first 3 examples of Content Marketing that quickly and relatively easily, allows greatly increase traffic awareness and online engagement of your brand.

This article II Part, we’ll introduce you to new digital content formats that will further boost business. Expand your audience and reach new audiences with the TOP 5 of Digital Content that Online Seva here presents.
4. Tutorials
What better way to prove among its readers the knowledge, experience and practice that you or your company touts both?
Why not invest in the creation of a tutorial (explanatory guide) that helps to optimize the professional activity of their customers / users, or to solve that particular problem that persists in affect. Examples: “How to create a blog?” “How to increase your reach on Facebook?”.
When drafting your guide do not worry if you stretch too. Usually the best guides exceed 1500 words and take an average of seven minutes to read. The deeper you go the idea or topic, the more consistent it will be the eyes of the reader and the more likely to be read, commented and shared.
TOP 5 Content Marketing to generate Traffic and Engagement
Here in Online Seva, we regularly elaborated several Explanatory guides for our customers and readers in various projects in the areas of Hosting and Digital Marketing. By joining the Guides, Infographics and Top Lists 5/10 become them even more noticeable and attractive, contemplating all that our followers need to know or do on a particular theme or topic.

When you are creating an Explanatory Guide always look for:

    Develop content that is of great help to solve a problem or fill a specific need of the audience it is intended. As the communication gurus both defend, we must always adapt our “message” to the public it is intended.
    Simplifying whenever necessary. If the guides become too complex and “evil” bet to present some of the content in different formats such as infographics, lists, graphics, videos etc …. Make it even easier to reading your message using “bullet-points”, especially as you are enumerating ideas or advantages.
5. Recommended Tools and Programs
To publicize a list of free or no resources to solve some difficulty or streamline certain task can be a great way for your company to gain credibility and competence to its audience.
This type of content requires much less preparation time and performance than earlier and work exceptionally well, adopting such as a list format – Top 5/10. Example: “The 10 best programs to optimize the SEO of your website”
Recommend the most programs and tools to meet (with a minimum of quality and reliability of course) and let your audience choose for themselves which one best fits your needs.
Create long lists but well esplanades. well-built information (you can use the system of lists and bullet points) with a short explanatory sentence on the tool / program and the appropriate link to the website where you can download this application. The more you make known to your audience, the more value will have its content which will cause more users to use and share your list. Also remember to ask users to participate and share their favorite programs.
Bet on visual quality and good spatial organization of its contents. Not to be a list of Recommended Tools and programs that we neglect in the submission. As they say “the eyes also eat!” And if you want to increase the awareness and engagement of your brand on the web and on social networks is important to never overlook this point. Especially when a good design avoids the texts become too dense and difficult to follow.
Bonus – Video:
The Video is the future of Content Marketing. It is to storm and take pride of place in marketing strategies globally, revolutionizing completely social networks. Just look at the example of Native Videos on Twitter.
According to Cisco, in 2017, the video will account for 69% of all web traffic by consumers. In the case of video-on-demand traffic will almost tripled.
Online video is fast becoming an essential digital content to meet the public’s needs in terms of information and entertainment. Small and medium-sized enterprises do not bet this type of content will be losing a unique opportunity to reach and convert new and existing customers, thereby increasing the awareness of your brand and standing out in the market.
Several studies show that about half of the companies already are in fact using the video somehow in your content marketing strategy. Something which is expected to significantly increase as more and more marketers and managers discover the enormous potential of this tool! According to Nielsen says 64% of marketers expect the video to take a dominant position in their marketing strategies. It is not difficult to see why.
This type of digital content is also accessible to small and medium-sized enterprises. We have witnessed a significant reduction in production costs in recent years and is no longer necessary to be any “expert” in the field to understand how to take advantage of the new content that is both fashionable . Applications such as Twitter’s Vine , with its clips of up to 6 seconds long , increase the number of businesses, which despite having a limited marketing budget, follow the strong focus on online video for greatly boosting your brand , products and services on social networks.

Essential ideas in a Content Marketing Strategy:

However, if you want to fit a considerable return on your investment, pay close attention to the following:
Before starting any digital content campaign set an action plan which states clearly and concisely, always a priori where the needs of your business are covered, objectives to be achieved, clear definition of the audience and what strategy to launch. A well-designed marketing plan is half way to success.
Always consider the audience you are trying to reach, ensuring that content that discloses really interests the public to which it is addressed. experienced digital marketing professionals can advise you on the best bet on content marketing to the public and to the goal you want to achieve.
Bet strong on social networks and ensure that disseminates and promotes its campaign in the various digital channels, bearing in mind the particularities of each of the networks. Make it easy and affordable without reading it lose quality and relevance.
Promote comments, ratings and shares by the audience. Show them that their opinion is important and valued with the company.
Do not forget the mobile marketing in your content marketing strategy. According to the Media & Advertising, access to websites via mobile in Portugal already corresponds to a quarter of the total and more than half already have smartphone.
Above all be creative! Be different and draw on the originality in the production and presentation of its contents. Think “outside the box” and take chances, but with head!
well assembled strategies with well-studied and final hearings and content get much better results than digital campaigns that are based only in high budget to ensure success. You can count on us to help in this trip!


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