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First make sure you understand and remember that PAN – Permanent Account Number (FORM 49A) which is a 10 Digit Alphanumeric number, which is issued Government ( Income Tax Department for every indian Citizen whoever applies to it, but there is a certain to apply it as per the Government Rules and Regulations by submitting the Application with your Attached Documents like Passport Size Photo, Your ration Card, or Aadhar Card etc.
PAN CARD which is most of the don’t understand in what way it is useful in this competitive world to maintain your Financial Transaction smoothly. PAN Card has become and must and should for all the Indian Citizens for their financial transactions either in the Government or Private Sector. It can also be used as Photo Identity or Proof of Your Address.
The major purpose is to PAN Card for Universal identification to find out the Financial Status or Transactions which may have a taxalbe component to Prevent Tax Evasion.
All users of the PAN Card if Suppose the PAN Card is corrupted or damaged , then you can not access the to make identity.
This scenario becomes even worse when the PAN ( Permanent Account Number) card is permanently damaged and with it your precious identity is also damaged.
There are tens of thousands of situations that can cause your PAN card is corrupted. With regard to PAN cards, this is one of the worst situations you may encounter . The main reason for a card gets corrupted is the improper use by the user . However, there are other reasons that give rise to card, check below some of these reasons to become acquainted on the subject.
So it is important to take care of the PAN card, preventing the errors of PAN card you can protect your identity and may also not have to face any error.
Under this article some tips are given to protect the PAN card corruption, apply them and avoid any kind of Card.
pan card re issue procedure

See what the are Documents need to be submitted for PAN Card for all the Indian Citizens:

 Yes the Very first one is: Proof of Identity ( What you can Use for Indentity Prooof:  Your Aadhaar, Elector’s, Driving Licence or Passport)
  • Second One is: Proof of Address ( What you can Use for Address Prooof:  Your Aadhaar, Post Office Passbook, Elector’s, Driving Licence or Passport)
  • Last one is: Proof of date of birth  ( What you can Use for Place of Birth:  Your Aadhaar, Elector’s, Marriage Certificate Or Pension Payment or Passport)

 Let’s See why to Get a PAN Card?

1) To file your All Income Tax and Returns.
2) For Avoiding Deduction of Tax (Higher Rate)
3) If you are Selling or Purchase Assets which is more than 5 Lakhs.
4) Selling or Purchasing of your Vehicle apart from Two Wheeler.
5) Making Payments of Vacation Hotels or any Restaurants which is more than 25,000 at a time.
6) Making payment In Cash above than 25,000 for Travelling to any Foreign Country.
7) If you are Acquiring bonds from any Reserver of Bank of india which is above than 25,000.
8) Making Payments for your Bonds or Debentures from a company or Institute if it is exceeding 50,000.
9) If you Purchasing Mutual funds or else your Depositing 50,000 in any Single Banking in just 24 Hours.
10) If you Purchasing a jewllery which is more than 5 Lakhs.

Now you will Apply the New Pan Card; look at the Procedure of applying new or reapplying New Pan Card.

Please visit the websit and click on the Option of (New PAN Card (Form 49A)) Link, After clicking this it will open the New Tab which containing the information of PAN CARD Form to fill up the Complete fills, it will take hardly 10 Mins, as soon as you Complete the form at the Bottom you will see two buttons which are SUBMIT and RESET. Please click on SUBMIT BUTTON, and that’s all your finish.
After Applying you can also Track your New PAN Card Application from the above website which i mention (, and get the complete information on your PAN Card.Let’s see the Easiest Process of Applying PAN Card Online with US!!

Step1: Pleae Visit the NSDL WEBSITE ( in your Google Chrome or any other Browser.

Step2: After visiting the Page you will be having (6 types of Buttons)

Step3: Please hit the Button called “NEW PAN FOR INDIAN CITIZENS (FORM 49A), As soon as you land this Page, You will see again 3 Clickalbe Button ( which is (ONLINE  APPLICATION FOR NEW PAN (FORM 49A), & DO’S AND DONT’S FOR NEW PAN APPLICATION) and the last one is IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS AND GUIDELINES AT A GLANCE)

Step4: Please click on the Button called: (ONLINE APPLICATION FOR NEW PAN (FORM 49A):

Note: Must Read the Guidelines of so that you can able to know the what exactly require things to appply for  PAN CARD. However you will have to read the guidelines in
HIndi as well.

Step6: Please scrool your Web Page and the choose the Category of (As per your Requirement)

Note: Payment Option| You need to Pay the Amount of Rs.106 to NSDL in the form of Demand Draft or Cheque or Net Banking as per your comfortable, in favour of (NSDL  PAN).

Step7: As soon as you Select the Caregory Another Page will open and you can able to see the Form of which you need to fill correctly without committing any mistake, as soon  as you complete the Form details, please click on the Submit Button it will take you to the page of (Terms And Conditions), you must click on Agree Button and then

Step8: Again it will take you to the Payment Gateway which you need to select the Savings Bank Name or from the Drop down menu and click on Make Payment Option, and it will  take your Net Banking Option, you have login your Account and Click on Pay.

Step9: A Page will open About your Complete Application in the form of (PREVIEW).

Step10: Please make sure you can again all your Details will appear in the form, and you will have (3 Buttons) called

Step11: Please click on second option of (PRINT ACKNOWLEDGMENT Button and get your 15 Digit Acknowledgment Number for future Reference.

That’s All you done the Job!!


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