Optimize your PPC campaigns to mobile

As you know , mobile devices are increasingly present in the everyday activities of people . At the time of purchase is no different. Many seek are made there at the time of need and mobile devices are always there to help .

Thus, it is important that you are also present at that time. Google AdWords gives the opportunity to make it happen and optimized for mobile campaigns can be the difference in your business .

Many companies neglect campaigns aimed at mobile devices . This may be the time for you to differentiate in the market
Be present in the day- to-day customers through AdWords for Mobile

In May last year, Google released results of a survey that showed that users do more searches via mobile devices than in conservative desktops.

Today I will give some tips on how to get out in front of your competitors !
Landing page optimized for mobile devices

Your PPC ads should lead users to a friendly page or mobile friendly as it is commonly called , where the conversion is easy .

Take a look at the design of your mobile site : you can use shorter forms, landing pages or mini payment methods with just one click to improve performance.

The site speed and responsiveness are also important factors to be taken into consideration , bearing in mind that users today increasingly want instant answers .

Use the Google Page Speed Insights tool to check how fast your mobile site and Google Mobile Friendly to verify that it is mobile friendly .

optimized pages work well for mobile PPC campaigns. Programs like Unbounce allow you to create your own landing page responsive – pages can be fully customized for an attractive design.
Use the ferramentar that Google itself offers to optimize your campaigns .

Remember also that the quality of your landing page is taken into account when calculating the Quality Score of your keywords. So a better landing page is synonymous with the best positions , higher conversions of lower costs !
Have your ad in the top positions

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