Marketing on Facebook with a clear return on investment

Marketing on Facebook can help you communicate with customers and make money. Can you use social networks as a sales channel? We can help with that.
Establish and manage a business page on Facebook you can many a freelancer. But if you want to achieve demonstrable ROI and get enthusiastic followers of your brand, collaborate with us.

Social networks have been focused on since the beginning of their popularity in our country. The result is thousands of sharing, popularity and great PR that will not provide another channel.
Our main philosophy is the return on your investment. We adhere to it always and everywhere. If someone claims that social networks can be a profitable channel, probably just do not know how to achieve it.
Marketing on Facebook with a clear return on investment


Why is it important marketing on Facebook

Czech Facebook has more than 4.5 Milon registered users, with about 2 million use Facebook every day. On Facebook, you find more customers from all social networks that can be used in the Czech Republic. Users are as people at a young age, so their thirties and newly seniors.
Whether it is your target audience may be, on Facebook you should not miss.
People do not like waiting. If you are considering buying your product or if they want to learn something about you, increasingly directed at Facebook. While the answer by e-mail are willing to wait several days to Facebook expect a response within several hours. From my own experience we can confirm that the sooner answering the question, the more you attach bond with your customer.
Marketing on Facebook is not just about customer service. The main aim is above all to build a community around your brand or product. In our agency, we always try to do so that we can advance exploration target group and according to him, will prepare a content plan that will clearly reflect the interests and needs of your fans (and existing and potential customers).
Correctly selected the content of posts on Facebook is the key to success. First you need to think about why people voluntarily spend their time on Facebook. Do not go there to shop, but to have fun, discover new gossip about their friends and chat. You must take them and get their attention. Often you stumble upon sites that have thousands of fans, but their participation rate is low. It is not important how many fans your page, but how you can work with them.
Most companies are aware of the importance and influence of social networks. The problem is that he does not know how to use it in your favor. Each brand or product is unique and has its own customers. General advice and guidelines can alone guarantee success. For successful communication is not enough to be social networks, but you have to live by them. Evolution of social networks is so fast that what was true and it worked today may not tomorrow.

What bring marketing on Facebook

Marketing and PR on Facebook have tremendous power. They can move history – remember the famous “Eggs for Paroubek” or the Arab Spring protests that were organized through facebookových pages and groups.
Promotion on Facebook of you can make love a brand like this in the Czech Republic managed to Big Shock, Velkopopovickému Ram or the “opráski sceskí history”. Facebook marketing gets you to the masses of customers. When conducting marketing on Facebook we follow these basic rules:
    Neimprovizujeme. At the beginning of cooperation with the client always set targets and prepare a strategy. Then each month content plan.
    The number of fans for us is a key metric. We always look at return on investment. Digital generated according analysts Facebook revenue? LEAD? Orders? Or at least the visitors who become customers later? No? So we will not waste time and money on your Facebook and find profitable channel.
    Successful Facebook page can be managed without significant financial support. But it goes slowly. To achieve the maximum gains in the shortest possible time, use a combination of good content and quality led advertising campaigns.
    Facebook in our submission also serves other marketing channels and activities. We do applications, games, collect email addresses are bringing visitors to the offline events, recruit participants in focus groups, test ideas and products.
    It makes no sense to have a business page on Facebook just because it’s cool. We can build a website around your product or service. Or create a community and a little guerrilla page. Always do what you are worth.

How to market on Facebook follow

Each product is unique. This is reflected in the creation of a marketing strategy for Facebook. You can always expect an original way of advertising in accordance with clearly defined goals. We are trying to find out the best product and communicate it so that people have a reason to love him. We are not building a sales channel, but also confidence.
How do we proceed?
    We will survey your target audience and know your customers’ needs.
    We prepare a detailed communication strategy tailored exactly to your target audience.
    Quality content is combined with precisely targeted advertising campaigns.
    The communication is always done by a pre-approved communication plan.
    Picking suggestions of fans and help you improve your product.
    We evaluate activity / reactions from fans and adapt the communication strategy.
    We are evaluating paid campaigns and optimize them to bring you the highest profit.
    We are able to create your application or contest tailor by which to reach thousands of users.
    For even greater ROI we can interconnect communication on Facebook with other digital channels       that you entrust to us.


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