MANAGING E-COMMERCE LOGISTICS WITH OR WITHOUT STOCK: Want to lower your logistics costs? Our experts are here to help!: How to properly manage its stocks and optimise its logistics? With the rise of e-commerce platforms, new forms of logistics have emerged. With or without stock to manage, you can now choose the formula that suits you best.

We present in this first part of the article how to manage your logistics without stock. Then our logistics expert Sébastien Trichard will give you some tips to optimise your e-commerce logistics platform, in case you manage your stock of products.

E-commerce Logistics without stock: What are the possibilities?

Drop shipping: from supplier to customer

This is to contract with suppliers for products to sell from their catalogue on your site, Rueducommerce example runs Drop shipping. As soon as a user places an order, it is the supplier who takes care of managing the shipment to the customer. So no need for stock!

Delivery can take place in several ways:

The blind shipping: The shipment is done anonymously, no name or logo is present on the package. Failure to customise the package may disappoint your customers and damage your image.

The private label shipping: The package sent to your customer is personalised. It contains the name, returns address as well as the invoice and other documents, marked on behalf of the dealer.

Full fulfilment: You entrust all logistical management to an external platform: shipments, returns and exchanges. The platform is in contact with all your suppliers and as such, becomes your only interlocutor. With Drop shipping, time-saving is assured and storage costs saved. You can broaden your range, therefore increase your SEO and your visibility on several products.

You must be vigilant about the availability of products at your supplier in order to update your e-commerce site. This will avoid referencing products that are no longer available. Managed logistics is a powerful lever in your customers’ satisfaction and loyalty.

Finding suppliers accepting Drop shipping is not easy. Ecopresto is a platform that refers to nearly 50 suppliers in Drop shipping and a catalogue of more than 34000 products in different sectors. You can create your e-commerce with the site and choose your products in their catalogue, the site takes care of your Delivery and after-sales service.

1. Adapt the size of the areas dedicated to logistics: your activity, and therefore your surfaces necessary for your logistics are in constant evolution (seasonality, growth, special operations …). A single slogan for this is to anticipate solutions so that your logistics are internalised, outsourced or mixed.

2. That it must be my force of preparation of orders: manual, semi-automatic, automatic, subcontracting … All these elements must be analysed to face the peak and trough activity but also think upstream the prospects of development

3. A permanent watch on the packaging: performance, price, recyclability, aesthetics … The packaging is the first contact between the customer and his website

4. Flexibility in transport: to create a pool of carriers adapted to the products sold on the net (weight, volumes, deadlines, services, prices, etc.) and backup solutions to deal with transient quality issues Strikes.


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