Infinite WordPress – Manage unlimited blogs on a single panel

Infinite WordPress – Manage unlimited blogs on a single panel
Manage unlimited blogs on a single panel – For those who have multiple blogs on WordPress or hundreds of customers to manage, constantly entering the WordPress blog each panel is extremely painful and consumes a lot of time and resources. Since we spoke several blogs management platform in WordPress, as ManageWP and WP Remote, for example, but none is as powerful as this Infinite WordPress, which in addition to free, is presented as a fantastic solution for those who want to manage multiple blogs at the level of plugin updates, themes, backups, etc. Unfortunately, Infinite WordPress does not have integration with posts and pages, as such options are add-ons to add to the system and who are voting by the community of users who use the Infinite WordPress. If you want a particular add-on is added to the system, you can vote for him here!


There are numerous advantages in using the Infinite WordPress, starting with the fact of being a manager totally free blogs, and not a WordPress plugin. This system is basically a web application to be installed on a server of your choice, allowing you to then manage all your blogs and customer accounts from one place, always up to date and the best blogs management tools in WordPress. A real hands on the wheel for those looking to save time in updating your WordPress blogs. Added to that, the Infinite WordPress also includes many other advantages that may be useful in the process of updating their blogs, see:
Sign Master – Never again will you need to log in to each of your blogs individually. With one click you are in the admin panel of any of your blogs.
Updates with one click – Update the WordPress version of each of the blogs, as well as plugins and templates. Updates are performed depending on the needs of each blog. You can if you want to hide or delete certain updates warnings.
Backups and snapshots restoration – Create backups of your blogs instantly. You can select if you want to create a full blog or just backup the database. Restore the backups with a single click. Download the backups to your personal computer.
Gerencimento plugins and templates – Install plugins and themes separately in each blog, or simultaneously to all the blogs at the same time. The same applies to the enable and disable certain plugins and themes of their blogs.
In addition to the advantages of Infinite WordPress, we recommend you also watch the video presentation of this manager Unlimited blogs on WordPress:


Infinite WordPress aims to simplify your gerencimento multiple blogs on WordPress, releasing it time for you to create and dedicate yourself what really matters. Using the Infinite WordPress can seem complex to start, but it is actually quite simple to use. Let’s see how this manager WordPress blogs:
Login with Master, you can organise all your websites and blogs by groups and individually access the administration panel of each of them, without having to be constantly logging in each. The manageable of your blogs is extremely simple and allows you to save a lot of time at the level of the updates later.
The updates can be performed individually or in all blogs simultaneously, as can be seen in the image on top. Each column represents the number of pending updates for each of the blogs, including updates to the core of WordPress plugins and templates. Can the left select all blogs and update all at once by clicking on the grey button “Update All”. If you want, you can open branches of each blog to update only the plugins you want. If you have edited a plugin and does not intend to update it, you can even hide the updates of this plugin, so that it is never updated.
The backup system also works it with just one click. You can perform backups simultaneously for all your blogs at the same time, and track the history of all your backups, restoring and offloading backups that you consider important and relevant. If desired, you can perform individual backups for each blog, both the blog itself, as to the database individually. If necessary, you can also exclude certain files and folders before performing a backup.
The management plug-ins and templates also work it with one click. It is possible to install plugins individually on each of the blogs, plug or install the same in all blogs the same time. You can also search and install plugins that are available in the official repository of WordPress or install plugins from uploading files or via an URL. The templates installation system is similar. You can also enable and disable plugins and themes individually or in groups.


Infinite install WordPress on a server is extremely simple, especially for those who have had the opportunity to install the root of WordPress. Basically, you must perform the InfiniteWP Download, unzip the file and upload it to a specific folder on your server. The entire installation process is detailed throughout this video. Now you can get more information about Visit Our Website


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