Link Aadhar card to Voter Id | Step by Step Aadhar Card to Voter ID Link Online

What is Aadhar Card?
Now a Days Government of India, Started a unique Identification number from Authority of India on behalf of the Indian Government. The name of the Identification and Card is Aadhar Card  and it is containing the twelver-12 Digit identification Number for any person who is residing in India. Infact It will serve as a Identity proof and the Address Proof of the Person, Like from he is belong, which city, which Area and and House number or Plot Number along with Pin code Number, it shows a Person is belong so and so city and Particular Address.

Link Aadhar card to Voter Id
Yes This is fact that Supreme cout of India on early Tuesday Advice the government to Publicise through all plattforms of Media That Aadhar Card is a compulsory and used ration shops, kerosene Oil and Gas LPG distribution etc. Henceforth it is now must and should from any other Purpose. Even the Apex court said that no Personal Information of Aadhaar card holders shall be shared by government authorities concerned.
1) Aadhar Card is the Voluntary Based for any Individual whoever is interesed to get Aadhaar number for his or her can enroll and apply to get Aadhaar number for the Unique Identification.
2) Aadhar Card will be providing only one Unique Aadhar Card Number with Unique ID Numbers, which does not have Multiple ID Numbers.
3) Yes this (UDAI) Aadhar Card will be valid for your Lifetime of any Individual of Indian, and you will not able to Change or renewal from any Circumstances.
4) Absolutely Free of Cost from Government of India to get and Register Aadhar Card Number for one time.
5) The Aadhar Card Number you can link up to any of Bank Account or if you are applying for the Passport or Booking E-Tickets from Railway or Airways you must establish this Unique identity Card Called “Aadhar Card.”

Now you will how to Connect Your Aadhar Card to your voter ID:

Election Commission of India made a Decision on linking of Aadhar with Electoral Photo Identity Card (EPIC) or Voter ID Card. 
The whole Process will come to end of 2015 with aiming at preparation with 100% error free electoral rolls to strengthen the democratic system India 
is known for worldwide. Let get to know about your Aadhar Card Seeding.
Election Commission of India made an annoucement for all Indians to connect your (Aadhar Card with your Electoral Photo Identity Card – EPIC) or Voter ID Card. However this task aims to free 100% Error Free and without Duplicacy Free Electoral Rolls to Strenthing our Democractic System of India. Now you will see how to Aadhar Card Seeding.


Well the Process as simple as to Linkup Aadhard Card (which is also called Aadhar seeding) Max to Max it will take 5 minutes with our easy simple method.
There are three ways to Seeding Aadhar Card with Voter ID Card (EPIC).
The Very first one Is Online, SMS and last one is Call Center.
Let me teach the best and easiest way to Link Aadhar Card with your Voter ID Card through SMS.
– The easiest way is by making a easy SMS to sent and submit your Request of Aadhar Card EPIC Seeding.
– Simple type a message like “ECILINK <EPIC_Number> <Aadhaar_Number>” and send it to 51696 or 166. 
– Look at the Example for EPIC id CBA7654321 and Aadhar no 111224443647, SMS is to be sent as  – ECILINK CBA7654321 111224443647 to 51696 or 166
After this process you will see like this (Successfully Registering with confirmation SMS shall be received.

2nd Option to Linking Aadhar Card to your Voter ID Card

Please visit the website of
1) The Second option to Searching your name in the given Voter List.
There are two methods of searching first is (First Name and Last Name) and the Second is you can use your EPIC Number which in the top voter ID Card Number)
As soon as you Enter the a list will appear as per your matching name. You can view it whichever your select it and click on confirm.
Once your Confirm the given details are correct after this please click on the (FEED AADHAR NUMBER BUTTON)
A new Page will appear which is showing your details like Action –> EPIC No —> Name —> Age —-> Fathers or Husbands Name.
Now enter your details in the pop up box which is asking your following details:
1) Your Name
2) Voter Id Card
3) Aadhar Card Number
4) Mobile Number 
5) Email Address 
Please look at the three options
1) In the Select Box you need to select one Option like : SELF/RELATIVE/FRIEND or Service  Provider as per your Choice.
2) Once the filling details is finish, Please click on the Submit Button.
3) The Message will come that your Aadhar Card and your Voter ID Card is now completely Linke up!!
Learn How Link Up Aadhar Card with Your Voter Card – With Simple SMS from Your Mobile
Simply the Send the Message to 166 or 51969 
Learn How Link Up Aadhar Card with Your Voter Card – With Through 24/7 Call Center Services.
The Indian Government already provided all kinds of facilities to Link Up Aadhar Card with Your Voter Card.


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