Inbound Marketing Digital Marketing Strategy 360

Inbound marketing and attraction marketing is a form of promotion on the web which prioritizes the context and relevance of content to attract the public really interested in a product or service that a company is promoted through blogs, podcasts , video, eBooks , newsletters, whitepapers , SEO and other forms of content marketing .

Inbound Marketing. Digital Marketing Strategy 360

Ie converting content results!

Generally in the traditional marketing strategy we use devices that invade the user space with banners, videos and visual appeals, not always the user is interested in this type of strategy , because the control of all actions is individual for each Internet user . With this reasoning , Inbound Marketing is a concept that you want to get results with context and relevance and without this kind of appeal often wears both sides of online advertising .
The main objective of this type of methodology is to promote freedom of choice to the user what kind of content it will relate without being impacted by messages that have no value for the behavior of future customer , so the relationship is approximate and increases possibility of carrying out a personalized service .
This methodology applied by Hubspot , this study improved all routine care companies , with more assertive decisions according to your target audience.
It is very important to be based on metrics and use the sales funnel .
The top 3 Digital Marketing metrics is traffic, leads and sales .
Attract more visitors , convert visitors into leads or mailing to your registration , email marketing is a form of communication that takes more today , but it is necessary segmentation and context for all users , and so closed sales will be recurring .
Sell ??the first time digital is easier than the second , but the customer feedback satisfaction is much healthier for the business.
The fact of getting paying Adwords and Facebook is dangerous because getting into a vicious cycle of payment may decrease profitability without .
Only 30% of users understand what is being done in your site, the rest is not yet ready to consume your product to understand what is in this way have a Blog is important and have defined what and who you will write. Solve the problem of PERSONAS, because this way you create a more engaged lead today Facebook is an example that you need to pay to appear and write a good text to be viralizado is more creative, permanent and economical.
After effectively contextualized content is normal disclose the content in social networks, with a small budget can increase the number of visitors to the site, thereby increasing the market penetration. For a visitor to become a LEAD is necessary to at least have the Name, Email and Phone, and to do this you need to win the customer because he does not trust his form, and this is the challenge.
An example of Inbound Marketing, is to have a hand in completing the Call To Action.
For example, to download an e-book, landing page, promotion or premium content, therefore, ask for your visitors pay with e-mail is normal in digital and recurrent middle.

Nutrition Leads
Are ways to attract a potential visitor to your base to become a customer , with this format can be sent an email marketing with premium content more frequent manner, thus nourishing this visitor to become a future client and impact it with other relevant content in this way it is possible to win customers for one or more sales in the future.
Leaving the customer ready to buy the product or consume your site content after this step is only monitor the pages and better understand navigation. So it’s important to think along with the navigation flow , and when it is torn between the competitor and your product can activate it at the right time .

There are some tools on the market that can help Automating Marketing, we increasingly live with this mix of the traditional and the data programming .

How to delight your customer?

To delight your customer , send satisfaction surveys , know what he thinks about you , use Content Marketing , Social monitoring and all the tools you have available. Do not be afraid of the claims of his client, because then come the best decisions after this feedback. In times of crisis it costs , send an eBook 10 tips to cut expenses or other examples of content that has use for its consumer content .
Management Methodology
An example of the methodology in the real environment would be:
Visitor passes in front of the restaurant,
What comes is a lead
The buying is a client
And who recommends or disclose would be a fan of the brand
The simpler the better , through the simple and assertively information , we can win the customer and following the methodology , closing the type of personas is only believe in good content that the results will come naturally.


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