How to upload images in WordPress as it does scroll on the page?

If you frequently access blogs regularly, it is likely to have already accessed blogs full of images. One of the things that often happens in this type of blogs is that they are extremely slow to load all those images. However , there are some blogs that use an image format that only carries these elements as the user will scroll doing on the site . The so called Lazy Load, which is basically a computer process that prevents certain elements to be loaded as soon as the user to access the site . What the Lazy Load process does is load these elements only when the user needs to view , ie , as he will doing scroll the page.

Thus, it is possible to drastically reduce the loading time of certain pages, especially those that contain huge images.

To master this method of charging on-the-fly images running on your WordPress blog, you should go in the “Plugins” section> “Add New” and perform a search for “Lazy Load”. The first result will show you, it is the Lazy Load plugin created by Automattic, and other excellent professionals, that uses jQuery.sonar Dave Artz (AOL). The version at the time this article goes in 0.2 and is compatible with WordPress 3.2 or higher.

Click “Install Now” to begin the plugin installation process on your WordPress blog.

How to upload images in WordPress as it does scroll on the page?

enable plugin

To place the working plugin, just click “Enable.” The Lazy Load plugin has no options, so it should be working properly as soon as you turn on your WordPress. If perchance some of his images become broken after activating the plugin, try to understand if it is not being incompatibilizado by another this JavaScript code into your blog template. If you can not solve the problem, you can always disable the plugin to return everything to normal.


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