How to update mobile number in Aadhar card online?

Everyone knows that Aadhar card became most dominant (ID) identity proof for a resident of India. I hope you have applied for Aadhar card and have successfully got it, & Aadhar cards registration had started about five years back and at that time, many people did not update the mobile number. Still today in some records mobile number is not registered. But now enrolling your mobile number with your Aadhar is compulsory to get updates on mobile associated with Aadhar Card. Now, you need to update your phone number in Aadhar card online and does not know how to update? So I did some searches and brought to you very simple steps to update your mobile numbers. For you, I posted my first article on how to update your phone number in Aadhar card via online.
If you have not registered mobile with Aadhar, or if you have lost or do not maintain your Aadhar registered phone number anymore, you can continue reading some of the steps on how to update the mobile number to Aadhar Card given below.
And also update the below details 
Date of Birth
Mobile Number

Required details to Update Mobile number in Aadhar card

To change mobile number in the Aadhar card needs that mobile number, which was registered in by the cardholders earlier at the time of registration. That mobile number has enrolled in their Aadhar Card. Residents had simply given this number without predicting its further use. At the time of mentioning the mobile number in the application form, they did not apprehend the reality that this appropriate mobile number would be registered. And even they did not know that it has a vital role in online updating of data in Aadhar Cards. One Time Password-OTP ha got on this enrolled mobile number for signing into the official site of UIDAI for online editing and updating of an Aadhar card data. The online Aadhar Card upgrade is not possible without this Mobile Number.
Aadhar Card is a proof of Indians identity & also a proof of Address. Hence, it is necessary on the part of the Aadhar card holder to sustain their up-to- date information on the card. Updating is needed, be it a Mobile Number Update of Aadhar Card online or any other information.

Steps to Update Phone Number to Aadhar Card online

If you registered your mobile number previously and needed to change your number, then follow below-given steps.
Step 1: Visit the UIDAI official site or else click on the link
Step 2: Enter the Aadhar Card Number and verification text provided in the below box & click on a & “Send OTP” button.

How to update mobile number in Aadhar card online
Note: It is compulsory to have the mobile number enrolled with Aadhar Card Center to refresh the mobile with Online method.
If you have not registered the mobile number with the Aadhar Authority, then you will receive the message “Entered Mobile number should not record in our database.”
Step 3: Then the OTP will be sent to the registered mobile number.

Now, enter the obtained OTP number that is in 6-digit number and you have to submit within 15minutes in the box and click on Login button.

Step 4: After the signing in, a screen will present with the number of fields for modification.

Step 5: Select the small checkbox near the Mobile Number for updating the Mobile Number to Aadhar Card online and click on a Submit button.

Step 6: Then enter the 10 – digit new mobile number & Click on “Submit Update Request” button.
Step 7: After submitting Update Request, Review the mobile number, If you want to make any changes then click on “Modify” button.

Step 8: If entered Mobile Number is correct then choose the “I confirm that” checkbox & click on “Proceed” button to continue.
After successfully submitting the request the Uniform Request Number (URN) has been generated on screen & also suggested to the Aadhar Card holder by SMS. People can use this URN along with twelve digit Aadhar Number to check your status online at the request for modifications in Aadhar Card by using below link
Step 9: Now log out by clicking on the Logout button.
If you have any queries about this How to update mobile number in Aadhar card online, just drop in the comment box below.


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