How to Renewal/Reissue the passport online in india

Many of us are having a lot of doubts regarding the Indian passport renewal or re-issue like:
1. Do I want verification letter from Police for renewal or re-issue?
2. Do I want to get an affidavit from official notary?
3. Do I want to get the letter from SP, District Collector, and Military Officer?

4. Do I an agent for re-issue?
5. I do not know the method?
In this way many other doubts or questions. In cases, even I had the same misgivings in my mind. Recently, I renewed or re-issued my passport at the Hyderabad Passport Office without help from the agent. So here I am sharing my experience & some insights. 
My passport is estimated to expire in less than six months, & I have renewed or re-issued the passport before expiry. A collection of documents may vary, if expired passport nonetheless, the method should not change.

Step by Step Process for Indian Passport Renewal / Re-issue:

How to apply for the fresh passport Reissue the passport online
1. Register / Record Online at Website of Passport Seva:
The first step is to record yourself with the Website of Passport. For that you want to do is visit Passport Seva Website & click on ‘New User Register’ You want to select a passport office as per your current house address and then register. You want to enter the necessary details like Name, login ID, date of birth, hint question, password, and record.

The second point is to activate the account using your email you get & log in.
After you log in, you will see a choice called “Apply for the Fresh Passport or Re-issue of Passport.” Click on that option & enter all the details.
2. Fill Application
Here you have two choices to fill out the application form. It does not matter what you use; both work in the same.
Using the PDF form, that can be downloaded & can be filled offline.
Using the Online form that can fill it then & there itself.
The suggested option is to use a PDF form as some aspects may not be present, and we have to save info, etc. I also fancy the PDF form choice as it is very accurate and precise. Either, it is a same. You want to fill up with the below details. Your present address details.
Most significant, you will want two local reference data like Full Name, Address, and their Phone Number (optional). Lives in your area. It is for verification by police, if needed.
Enter the city/ village and then click on Validate & Save, it will suggest you save an XML file and give the name for it. You want to upload that file to the section from where you just downloaded that PDF form. All the details will create automatically; you want to verify before saving, and also, you cannot modify the details after this step.

3. Pay & Book a Slot or Walk in:
Once the application has created, next step is to review for possible slots & then pay for it. There is a choice on the site home page to check your slots as well. Once the application form has submitted. You want to select it, for that sees steps below.
You will have a choice on the left saying ‘View Saved or Submitted Applications.’ Choose an application by ticking on a radio button. Then you will be shown choices with links to them. You want to click on Pay & Schedule Appointment.
It might give the choice for payment, either through online or pay with the challan. Normally, it is very easy to do it online process. Chosen Online Payment then you would have the choice to select the Passport Service Kendra & the time slot. It will display the convenient time slots options. One can choose the similarly and then you would go to the payment page. Where you select the payment option.
If you are qualified for walk-in, one can withdraw the appointment & then carry that removal page, along with that payment receipt page, you would be allotted to walk-in directly during the several hours.
Once doing payment has completed, you will need to print the application receipt and carry those with you on appointment day. It will have the barcode as well, assure that has clearly printed, & it has the confirmation payment info on it. If you find anything wrong in the information, make a note, then you can say the same thing at passport service Kendra.

4. Identifying the list of required documents for Passport Re-issue:
List of records that you want for your passport renewal has explained. If you go to a home page and click on Document Advisor for renewal or reissue, you will see the form to select options. It will display the list of documents that you want. These are the records you want to carry. NO Further documents are needed. In fact, you can also call the customer care center for guidance as well.

5. When to go to Passport Seva Kendra
If you have received the slot, go at that particular time or before 15 min, not necessary to go there & sweat. If you are qualified for the walk in, you can do that.
Any user unable to find the passport seva Kendra Address to use this below link easily identify the city wise Passport Seva kendra details 
Any Information, query, complaints regarding Apply renewal/reissue the passport online india to call to this below Indian Passport Toll free customer care numbers

national passport toll free number


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