How to post comments on Facebook WordPress without plugins

Already we spoke School WordPress on how post comments Facebook on your WordPress blog and also how to use Facebook Insights to your WordPress blog. However , the guest- post today , Rodrigo intends to explain to us , step-by -step practical way , how to place comments on Facebook WordPress without plugins . Considering that the use of plugins can leave your slower blog , by constant requests to the database , this solution Rodrigo becomes simply fantastic for those who want to get the most out of Facebook comments on your blog on WordPress .

How to post comments on Facebook WordPress without plugins

To start our work , we should create a Facebook application ( Click here to acessr page )
—–> Click ” Applications ” :

After this , a pop -up window asking the application information , to give him a name ( Remember that your facebook account must be confirmed by credit card or mobile phone) .

Created the application this window will appear with the application information :

You can close the window , now let the second part of our tutorial .


This part is easy and does not delay or 5 minutinhos . Let’s start?

    First go to the plugin Facebook page by clicking here.
    Click the ” Comments” , as we shall see below:


This is the setting page of comments , put the URL of your blog ( In my case ) , the number of comments you want to display ( in my case 15 , not to overload the page ) , the width (in my case 710px ) and ” Color Scheme ” dark or Light ( As the theme of my blog is dark, chose the system ” dark” as it will give the right contrast to my blog) .

post comments on Facebook WordPress without plugins

Now just click on ” Get Code” choose the created application, implementation mode and then copy the code to the blog. ( I chose the HTML5 mode, it is simpler to theme change).



Now comes the easiest part of the whole tutorial, the implementation of the code.

Access the editor page wordpress themes, and open the ” footer.php ” or ” header.php ( In my case , I implemented the” footer.php ” ) , look for a good area and place the first code suggested by facebook .


Once this is done go to the ” single.php ” , find the area you prefer to implement the code and paste .

post comments on Facebook WordPress without plugins


Here’s the magic , remember when we put the URL of our blog there is time to configure the plugin? We will change it now , your code will look like mine above , look for the section that says :

data- href = ”

Beside its URL after the bar , place the following code :

? = P < php the_ID ( ); ? >

This code will pull your post ID automatically and will include following your URL , thus , the facebook comments change every post.


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