How to migrate your HTML site to WordPress

If you can have several reasons that lead to migrate your site to Wordpres , but certainly a reason that will be afraid that migration is the process of migration and all the work , and problems that may occur in this process.
Be it website developed in HTML or is using another CMS like Joomla ( we’ve seen before how to migration from Joomla to WordPress ) or Drupal , the migration process is different for everyone , but for any case you can find a way to avoid any problem.

How to migrate your HTML site to WordPress


The first step for Migration

But then what is needed to avoid problems? There is a checklist of checks you can do before you start the migration process, whatever the current structure of your site.
1. Evaluate the Functionality
Evaluate your current website will help identify how and what resources you will need to find the WordPress, either with the use of plugins or not. Pay attention to the following points:
    Contact forms and conversions (such as registration in newsletter);
    Login and Registration;
    Media file management;
    Multi-language support;
    Several authors;
Since this and other features that your site features, start looking for WordPress plugins that offer the same features that your site requires, as I said before you do not necessarily need to use plugins, but can make direct changes to the WordPress code.
2. Assess the navigation
It is very likely that the structure of the menus in WordPress, along with the many available widgets should meet most of the navigation and organization needs internal links to your current site may have. I take the whole migration process to optimize your current internet navigation system, although it may have been fit for purpose, it can always be improved.
3. How is your content
Migration is also a good time to take a look at your website content architecture and see if it is still relevant and necessary. Do a good spring cleaning can help simplify and optimize the content of your website making it more useful for your visitors and easier to navigate .
4. Familiarize yourself with WordPress
If you are not very intimate WordPress , so it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with the same platform before planning much of its migration strategy . For at that time you need to decide how you want to sort and categorize your content when you import it into WordPress and features you will be using .
Try to understand a little like WordPress works , there are different themes and plugins that are available and can help plan will be your new site , greatly reducing the surprises that may occur along the way .

Migrating from an HTML site to WordPress

If your site is currently a simple HTML site or static and you would like to use the WordPress platform, the best option may be to copy and paste the HTML of each page to a new WordPress installation manually.
But what if your site contains a large number of pages, then use a Plugin Wordpres to accelerate the process may be a good idea. There are some free plugins that allow this import HTML content pages, ignoring the headers, footers and sidebars on pages you do not want to add to the body of the new pages of WordPress.
Among these plugins HTML Import 2 is a very reputable plugin for the task, it can help you to migrate the contents of an HTML site to a WordPress installation with ease. But we have this plugin as a tool exclusively for importas the content of your site, and do not keep the formatting styles that have been used, will not be of much help when it comes to migrating the site’s appearance.
But if your current HTML website has a simple layout design, using modify a WordPress theme also simple as Twenty Twelve will meet your needs, and you can find a rewarding job in terms of experience and may even find it fun.
Keep in mind that as in the case of the content, the migration to WordPress is also the perfect opportunity to update the layout of your website, where you’re sure to find one that suits you.
There is still another interesting solution, in case you want? Some updating, but maintain the closest possible layout than it was before and that can save your time, it’s a service like Theme Matcher, a site able to convert your current site a new template for WordPress. But again this solution will also depend on the layout of your current simple site.
Testing Migration
When the migration process is complete, it’s time to do some testing to make sure everything went as planned.
Check for Broken Links on your site . On smaller sites , simply just visit each page and check if they are displaying their content as intended, with all the features in good working condition . For larger sites , use the plugin as the Broken Link Checker is a good option . Or tools like Link Checker W3C .
Make sure the content is properly divided and organized into categories and tags. See if images loading properly , and are still resized to conform with its new layout.


As we have seen you can migrate your site to WordPress several existing platforms , the article in on import content provides the resources for the migration of some of the most popular platforms .
Remember to find out more about the main reason to migrate to WordPress. And let us their experiences and opinions .


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