How to link aadhar card to voter id? | EPIC Aadhar card Seeding

 How to link Voter ID with the Aadhar Number online
All persons who are holding the Aadhar card must require connecting their voter ID card with EPIC or electronic photo identity card before the due date. The government of India is taking compulsory actions against the fraud voter ID card or aadhar card holders. To exclude the fraudulent voters list from a database a new operation from the government has been started to link with the Aadhar card number with the voter ID cards EPIC number. These programs have launched in February 2015. Aadhar is the 12 – digit number allotted by unique identification authority of India (UIDAI) on part of the Indian government. These 12 – digit number would be the identity proof and address for the citizens. 

The connecting of unique identification authority of India ID card with the voter card aid in brings out duplicities from the country. Each must connect their Aadhar card with their voter ID card. For connecting their Aadhar card with a voter ID card, applicants can visit the official site of the (ECI) election commission of India.

How to link Voter ID with the Aadhar Number online

Here is the method of connecting Aadhar card with the Voter ID card by following the online process. Citizens of each and every state can follow the below mentioned method. Connecting of Voter ID card with the Aadhar card has begun. Now you can Link Aadhar card with the Voter ID online. You can connect your voter id with the Aadhar using EPIC Aadhar seeding web portal. The method to connect voter ID card with the aadhar has explained below. Go by the steps & link the voter ID card which aids to exclude false voter id cards.
Link voterid with Aadhar card step by step information
Steps 1:
Visit electronic photo identity card (EPIC) Aadhar Seeding web portal by clicking on the link.
Step 2:
You will be advised to enter the Voter Id Number & Aadhar card number along with the phone number. If you have more than two voter id cards select one card on them which you need to use for further & enter that selected voter Id number .Enter the mobile number and press produce OTP.
Step 3:
On clicking “Generate OTP” you will get SMS to the given mobile number holding of 8 number activity pin like 42385779. You want to enter that pin number and click Verify.

Step 4:
On clicking confirmation, you will get your Aadhar card id & Voter id digital images side by side so that one can confirm whether that is your card or not . If these cards are right, then click the button seed which will be accessible below the digital images.
Step 5:
On successful conclusion of above all steps, you will be provoked with a message that the seeding has been done .Seed the Voter id with aadhar and aid Election commission to eliminate the false voters.
NOTE: Does not matter from which state you belong to; you can follow the above-specified method to link your Aadhar card to the voter ID card.

How to connect the Aadhar Number to the Voter ID by SMS Massage

1. Applicant can also connect through SMS way by sending an SMS to the toll-free numbers 166 or 510969
2. You have to send the voter ID card number and the Aadhar card number.
3. And his/her other choice is to call the call center and get recorded.

Linking through the call center:

Call Centers have organized across the different state. Candidates want to do the phone call to the executives of call center & give the details. Connecting through call centre just by calling to call centre number 1950 between 10 AM. To 5 PM. And
the providing the EPIC number and aadhar number to the operator of the call centre.
The applicant must fill all the necessary as suggested to get link up with an Aadhar card & the voter ID card. You must be very care full while sending the information that they are right without any error. If you have further queries on this above explained topic. Please feel free to discuss or comment on the below given box!


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