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Although not a big fan of Instagram, I confirm that their numbers reflect a fast and impressive growth.
With over 100 million photos posted and seven million registered users, numbers achieved in less than a year, numbers that Flickr took two years to reach, which makes Instagram a great image sharing tool for professionals who need display portfolios, even with some recent problems in their use policies, which caused the decrease in the number of users.

Today we have many blogs and sites that use the resources of the photo sharing network as an image gallery of your site. I found a great solution for administrators of WordPress sites that have this need.
So if you need to display the photos, is the day-to-day or your portfolio, you can find on Instagram a great tool to integrate with your WordPress site, making the sharing of your Instagram photos to your blog a task very simple.
How to integrate Instagram with WordPress

How to integrate Instagram with WordPress ?

As always we will have the solution to a need in WordPress that come from a plugin ( just love it ) developed by a huge community member CMS most used in the market.
In this case the best option we have is Instapress plugin , simple to use and automatically updates your Instagram photos on your WordPress blog.
With it you can build a gallery with many photos you want on any page using shortcodes , scale images according to your needs , and use a widget to display the update of the photos in the sidebar of your site.
The installation and configuration of the plugin is very simple. After activation, go to the configuration area of Instapress and enter your user data and password Instagram . From that point you just need to decide where you will put the photos on your website or WordPress blog.
If your goal is an image gallery , simply create a new page, see in the image below that the plug inserted a new button in the text editor of your pages or posts .
How to integrate Instagram with WordPress

Clicking this button again , go to the first option “Option” select ” Instagram Feed” , then you only need to configure the information tags and users to display a caption below the image , and which images are displayed and the size of each miniature.
How to integrate Instagram with WordPress
An interesting setting may be using the “Effect” option, which allows the selection of a “fancybox”, which is a pop-in window that will open, maximizing the picture, and allowing the user to navigate in the same window to view the other images.
Besides the use of that button can be used shortcodes the following structure:
[Instapress userid = “” piccount = “” size = “”]
At where:
    userid: ID user name Instagram
    piccount: number of images to display
    size: size in pixels, images
The plugin also allows you to enter a gallery of your photos from Instagram anywhere on your template, the images appear in standard size 85px, for that just enter the code below, only indicating the number of images to be displayed:
<? Php echo do_shortcode ( ‘[instapress piccount = “12”]’); ?>
The text editor button will also be used in case you need to insert penalizing an image on any page or post. In “Option”, select the “Single Instagram” option. The interesting thing here is that you just need the url of the image, and can be used any photo from Instagram, even if not of your profile.
There is also the option to use the widget provided by the plugin, with it you can also add an image gallery in any sibebar of your site. The configuration is similar to the feed to be used on pages and posts, with the difference of inserting titles of the pictures and alternating display order.
How to integrate Instagram with WordPress
It is a very simple and useful tool. I hope it helps you and your blog. Leave your comments.


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