How to install cyanogenmod 12.1 on lenovo k3 note

Cyanogen released in April this year the version of CyanogenMod 12 , bringing Android Lollipop to various devices of its wide range of supported devices. But the company not to , and with the upgrade to Android 5.1 , the company also released the Cyanogen 12.1.
Android 5.1 is the first correction Lollipop , which fixes bugs and improves performance and stability of version 5.0. And although some news be visible to users , the most important change occurs in the operating system behind the scenes .

For the uninitiated , it is a ROM based on CyanogenMod Android Open Source Project with the support of many developers of the Android community. The development of this ROM for the Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos is still in development , so you may find some bugs during use.
Both systems are nearly identical with regard to the design, but a closer look and determined can notice the small changes that Google prepared to leave the Lollipop a little more refined .
The CyanogenMod 12.1 brings all the changes offered by Google and even some alterations of the Cyanogen to make the operating system more smart and functional. If you’re a fan of the ROM and want to migrate to the new version , then check out our impressions of the system!
 install cyanogenmod 12.1 on lenovo k3 note
Pure Android
Google works hard to let the light and fast Android and that you can experiment with the original ROM. But one of the major current problems company ‘s mobile OS is that most manufacturers to disfigure to make it more personalized – which also leaves more loaded.
One of the main benefits of installing a ROM like CyanogenMod is that it has few modifications to the original Android provided by Google . That is, you have an almost identical experience to anyone with a Nexus device. It would be like having the experience that Motorola offers its users .
This way, you can count on the original Android design without any modification. In Lollipop , the company launched the Material Design , which combines movement with flat colors , giving a cleaner appearance and more smooth and elegant transitions.
In addition, many are Google ‘s own resources
 that can be used by users without limitation, as new notifications , the lock screen , control panel and more. Will detail later on all resources.
The Material Design is the new Google design philosophy that should reach not just Android, but all the company’s products . It brings more strength to Lollipop , making this version of the OS one of the nicest ever developed by the company .
The Lollipop changes affect the entire system , from the initial screen to the lock screen , through notifications drawer , application screen, settings menu , icons, fonts , colors and other visual patterns .
The Cyanogen remained virtually unchanged all , limited only to add their own features, but always following strict design standards set by Google. Thus, the whole look is very cohesive .
In general, the CyanogenMod 12.1 with Android 5.1 Lollipop ran very well in our tests. The animation effects of the new version of OS does not let heavy, and therefore , there were no screens transition gagging in no time.
In addition , games, and programs of the lightest to the heaviest , were run without any trouble or lock the system. The LG G2 – device we use in our tests – also not heated beyond the ordinary. Check out the tests AnTuTu Benchmark and Velamo Metal:
However , a rather inconvenient problem insisted appear: the unit restarted several times throughout our testing and random. But remember that we are testing the Nightly version of CyanogenMod 12.1 , supposedly one of the most unstable available by the company.
unique features

The Cyanogen added several interesting features to make it more personalized and differentiated CyanogenMod with respect to the standard version of Google. This includes some own applications and different settings.
The themes , for example, allow anyone to make changes to the entire system natively and without complications. In addition to adding complete packages that change everything at once , you can also customize only some segments, such as style icons, fonts , wallpapers, boot animations and sounds .
You can also add system profiles, something that was very common in the simplest cell phones as Nokia’s , and ended up sideways with the advent of smartphones. Repaginados , now they can be activated by WiFi , Bluetooth or NFC .
The Cyanogen offers even more freedom as the ability to edit items in the notification drawer , for example. You can exchange all quick access icons and you can even add the weather forecast .
One of the biggest fears about installing a custom ROM is the question of compatibility and malfunction of the features , such as the battery , WiFi, Bluetooth , NFC and GPS .
However, in our tests we found that all of the components continue to work properly, equaling or even surpassing the original ROM installed on the device . We had no problems with any of these features .
In addition, the device’s battery continued to show the same performance time, even when dealing with a very unstable version of CyanogenMod. But remember that this may vary from version to version and from device to device.
However, the same can not be said of the camera. Due to change of ROM, it lost the resources made available by the LG and the quality of images has to be lower than expected. Another problem is that the radio application, a feature provided by the Korean company, is lost.
own applications
The Cyanogen also developed some own applications for your operating system to complement Android. But do not worry: there are no sponsored and the amount is very small program.
In version 12.1 the AudioFX have a good quality equalizer for headphones, speaker, and can be used in USB, Bluetooth or wireless. There is also an own app SMS good quality and material design.
There is also a camera application virtually identical to Google and a fairly decent photo album. You can also manage your files with a great manager, and program the alarm clock with the clock app, also with Material Design.
We still have a music player with simple and quite lean functions. He has a beautiful visual, composed of sober colors. Finally, the internet browser is very simple and looks a lot like the old Android browser.
Worth it?
There is no doubt that the CyanogenMod is a good option for those who want to get rid of a very loaded and modified ROM, as is the case of the versions developed by most manufacturers. And the version 12.1 is still remaining as a great alternative.
It offers excellent look of Android Lollipop ally the new features of the system, as well as several unique features and applications that offer more freedom to the user to further customize the operating system.
In addition , the operating system provides stability so that users can make the change in comfort and without fear that something might go wrong , even in unstable versions as Nightly .
So if you are thinking of changing ROM , CyanogenMod 12.1 is an operating system to be considered. Is that you? Have you tried the new version of the OS ? What are your thoughts about it ? Be sure to comment.


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