How to hide the version of your WordPress blog in your code?

WordPress is known as a blogging software that over time it has become the target of many hacks that exploit potential security holes that the system may have. However, one of the gateways to these hackers is the presentation of WordPress version of your blog. Just someone with bad principles that make ‘view source’ of your blog to know immediately which version of your WordPress, and then decide if it is vulnerable or not.

To safely remove the mention of your WordPress version, please use the following trick which is actually simple to perform. Open the functions.php file of your template and just add this line of code at the bottom:
    remove_action ( ‘wp_head’ ‘wp_generator’);
This code makes use of remove_action action to remove wp_generator () function that prints the version of your WordPress. Given that this function is not performed, the WordPress version is not available in your source code, and any potential hacker will know if your blog is worth it or not to be attacked.

10 new plugins for WordPress that probably still do not know

offline Mode
This plugin allows the blog administrator, put online a temporary page noted that the blog is down for maintenance. It also includes a timer to tell how long the site will be offline. You can also customize the page that is offered to readers.
Resize at Upload
This plugin allows you to basically upload images to your WordPress blog, and scale them so efficiently soon after. You only need to set the width value, the plugin tava to resize the image in the correct proportions.
This plugin allows you to display and manage images inserted in the gallery sue WordPress blog. With this plugin you can create multiple galleries, sub-pages within pages relatives, use of thumbnails for gallery, among other things.
Different Posts per Page
This plugin gives you the freedom to decide how many items you want to appear on your homepage, categories, archives or any other page of your WordPress blog.
WP Greet Box
This plugin allows you to set a welcome message to your readers, depending on the URL address from which they come. For example, if a player has reached his blog from Dihitt, you could tell him to it do not forget to vote for your article.
Automatic SEO Links
This plugin allows you to automate the affiliate links of your blog automatically form. You only need to write the anchor text and the address where you want to point, and the plugin searches for all keywords and exchange them automatically by the address set. You can also set the title of the link, target, among other attributes.
Advanced Code Editor
This plugin offers you the advanced EditArea panel within the editor of your WordPress blog. Now has Speller, number of lines, editing in full screen and a host of other new features that will be added to your pages “Add New Post” and “Add New Page”.
Add Post Footer Plugin
This plugin allows you to automatically place and at the bottom of all your articles, a paragraph of custom text, HTML code, promotional codes, technorati tags, related links, among other things. All options can be properly changed in the control panel of your blog.
Twitter Tools
Twitter Tools is a plugin Alex King that creates a full synchronization between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account.
Eventr is a plugin that allows you to create events, and also direct registration forms so your readers can automatically register these same events.


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