How to Get more followers on Twitter with these WordPress plugins

Who is a blogger, Twitter is by far one of the indispensable tools in the dissemination of your blog content. However, to get more followers on Twitter is often a difficult and demanding process, unless you buy followers or use unreliable tools that automatically add followers to your account, but that’s nothing new you bring in media terms. As a rule, get faithful and high quality followers is a process that takes some time, but that the medium / long term has its advantages. If you can not make your profile on Twitter to grow at a faster pace, consider reading some of these items:

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How to Get more followers on Twitter - WordPress Plugins

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If you have a blog and occasionally provides downloads to its users, this plugin is undoubtedly one of the best marketing tools for Twitter that you can use. The Tweet2Download plugin allows you to “force” its users to make a tweet and follow in return for download from your blog. The plugin actually asks its users to “Pay with a Tweet” for free content to your blog, making it a viral marketing tool very efficient. This plugin can be easily adapted to blog wordpress templates that offer a Free Ebook or any other downloadable content that can be offered for free to the community in exchange for a simple Tweet.

Download the plugin here Tweet2Download !

The plugin Tweet & Get it ! is a plugin that allows you to help you get more followers on Twitter automatically, in exchange for a downloadable file. Just pull the shortcodes that the plugin includes to place a Tweet & Get it button! on your blog. Once the user clicks the button, it will have to start following him on Twitter to get download the file you want so badly .

Download the plugin Tweet and Get It ! on here!

Instead of forcing your users to see popups with ads , why not ask him to do a Tweet ? With this plugin , users who come to your blog will be presentados with a popup that asks them to make a Tweet from your blog or else waiting X seconds to be able to go directly to your your blog content.

Download the plugin Twitter Traffic Pop here!

Social Traffic Pop plugin is very similar to the previous plugin, but directed to various social media simultaneously. Social Traffic Pop combines the three most powerful social media of the moment, including Twitter , Facebook and Google +1 , in order to help you increase your fans , followers and + 1s . The plugin works with a popup box that is available X seconds, ” forcing ” its users to share on social media or waiting a certain time ( defined by you) in order to access your blog .

Download the Social Traffic Pop plugin here!


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