How to generate the PNB debit card pin through SMS/NET BANKING

How to generate the PNB debit card pin through SMS/NET BANKING
Punjab National Bank (PNB) has launched the Green Initiative called the Green PIN for ATM or Debit Card. If you have forgotten the PNB Debit Card and ATM Card PIN than not necessary to worry and you can quickly re-create the new PIN just by sending the SMS or by Internet Banking.
Punjab National Bank (PNB) has started the host of digital business solutions comprising the green PIN and improvement of its mobile app.

The bank started mobile apps allowing the consumer to locate Punjab National Bank ATM with PNB ATM Support, it said in the statement.
The Android app promotes the user to use GPS & visit their nearest PNB ATM; it also helps the customer to lodge operational issues instantly, decreasing the resolution time considerably. The Bank also commenced another Android app to offer the basic banking.
Green PIN facility has also begun under which client can get duplicate PIN for ATM debit card immediately through the SMS request. Also, the bank will give customer SMS based ability to block & unblock the internet banking & mobile banking.

Method for Duplicate ATM / Debit card pin through SMS or Green Pin / Internet banking

Below explained are the step to step guide to explain to you how to generate duplicate ATM debit card pin through the SMS or Internet banking.

1) The functionality will allow only for the client whose card has previously activated.
2) The Consumer will post the request for Duplicate ATM card PIN by his recorded mobile number using the short code DCPIN along with the sixteen or nineteen digit debit card number on 9264092640 or 5607040 i.e. follow the following format to send the SMS “<DCPIN CARDNUMBER>” ex: DCPIN 1234567772123413. 
3) After the successful verification of the customer’s credentials that is the card number & identical mobile number, the customer will get six digits numeric Verification Code on the registered mobile number which will be valid for only 72 hours before that you need to submit that number for verifying.
4) The Consumer has to visit their nearest Punjab National Bank (PNB ) ATM for setting the Debit card or ATM PIN.

5) On the ATM, After swiping the  ATM  or debit card, the screen will exchange which will give a choice of setting the debit card PIN practicing AUTHCODE got on the client enrolled mobile number. Choice – GREEN PIN. 
6) After selecting or clicking on the GREEN PIN button, ATM screen would assist the customer to enter the six digits verification code, or AUTHCODE delivered on enrolled mobile number.
7) The customer has to enter the AUTHCODE  six digits & press OK button on the ATM screen.
8) After successful confirmation, ATM screen will assist the client to enter four digits PIN of his or her selection and press OK button.
9) When the customer chooses OK button, ATM or debit card screen will assist the client to re- enter the same four digits ATM or debit card PIN.
10) If PIN listing in both the cases matches, the consumer will receive the confirmation slip& message declaring that thank You for Doing ATM, the PIN has set. You can apply this for quick transactions”.

Secure methods to assure that card is safe from the use of fraudulent:

1. Please sign the card by using the ballpoint pen on the panel of 
2. signature on the backside of card as soon as you receive the card.
3.Don’t write  PIN number on your card. 
4. Never permit anyone else to use the card and your PIN. 
5. Never reveal the PIN to anyone, comprising the Bank staff. 
6. Take care to ensure that you have not watched when essential in the PIN. 
7. Do not leave you card in the unattended vehicle, also if it is locked.


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