How to Generate Leads Marketing in critical year high?

List of Marketing Statistics

Some times, like Christmas, New Year or summer are extremely important for some businessesand represent a peak demand that companies can not ignore . It is at these times that marketing should work more , not only in the dissemination of supply and brand, but also in generating leads and sales opportunities .

A hotel can not afford the luxury of having no customers in the summer or in the New Year. Thisapplies also to various areas of Information Technology . Suppose, for example, a managementand accounting software company or brand consumer technology . How could they overlook Christmas or New Year ?

Marketing Statistics

As it is not possible to lose the crucial times of the year in terms of sales , the challenge for IT organizations is to make marketing work efficiently to generate leads these peak demand .

Inbound Marketing can be the answer both looking to generate leads in critical times
The answer may go through Inbound Marketing, a Digital Marketing shed designed to attract customers rather than actively seek them, generating more qualified leads and customers more awake to what you want to sell.

Inbound Marketing exclusively uses digital channels and functions as a kind of magnet that attracts potential customers seeking information on the Web on topics and terms related to your business, your products , services or solutions.

Also called Attraction Marketing , Inbound Marketing bases its strategy in rich content , whichmay take many forms: Blog articles , newsletters , eBooks , quizs , Market Reports and others.

Draw attention and attracting, educating and nurturing: this is the Marketing Today .

To arouse the interest of readers, these articles draw attention to their solutions and how they can solve problems and be the answer to your needs. The rich content of Inbound Marketing also serve to educate some potential customers less awake to the selling, working as food to nourish its “appetite” by offering it provides.

This process of nutrition is made through an automated flow of content that are sent as soon as the customer provides us your contact details, including the e­mail. As you receive, automatically, more advanced content, the client becomes more awake to your product or service and will forward the so­called sales funnel.

When the bottom of the funnel, ie, awake and willing to buy their solutions, the customer is then approached by the sales department, which was advised by marketing that had a lead on hand and willing to buy.

This is an extremely effective way to generate leads from your marketing department. Today, in the information age, the intrusive approach works no longer as years ago.


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