How to finding Missing phone in silent mode

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Lost your phone? This app makes you find it with a whistle

Losing your cell phone can be very common for those who are distracted. To find it, the first reaction of people is normally call the number itself. But this only works when it is not in silent mode. In this case, the way is to use a very simple application: the Whistle Phone Finder. With it, any user finds its smartphone with Android with a whistle or whistle.

How to finding Missing phone in silent mode

The app only displays a settings page. The user must set the sensitivity to whistle. To work in larger environments, it is better to put a high sensitivity. Then you have to set the ringtone, which can be any sound saved on the phone or even those installed at the Whistle Phone Finder. Then just set the volume and put the program to work.
In our tests, the app worked well, even in large and not so quiet environments. But if on one hand this is a proof that the app is efficient, on the other it can sound the face of whistles, whistles or sounds that are not made by the user. To avoid unnecessary touches, sometimes it is worth turning off the Whistle Phone Finder in open and public places.

5 useful applications for those who find the lost smartphone

Losing your phone is one of the worst experiences of today. While most operating systems have native systems to locate the phone , there are several applications available to help recover the device – and at worst erase all stored content.
The important thing is to always back up your data , either in the cloud or locally on your computer. Here’s how to configure the solution finder on iOS , Android and Windows Phone. Below is a list of apps that can be helpful.
Whistle Phone Finder
(Android )
The application is more an ally in the time to find the lost phone. As the name says , it responds to the sound of a whistle making the phone rings . The user sets the sensitivity of the sound which can be a whistle . But the touch can be a standard phone or some installed the app .
Where’s My Droid
(Android )
One of the most famous and effective applications for those who had lost or stolen phone. Just the user to send a text message to the phone to ring or vibrate (if in silent mode) . It also sends a return SMS with the device’s GPS coordinates.
(Android )
This application is very interesting because it acts as a kind of secret agent. If the device is stolen or stolen, it helps the user to save all the data of those who took it without permission. It also sends text message warning of the location
Find My Phone
(Android )
When logging in with your Apple ID on another device, you can locate your phone on a map. It also makes a sound to help you find your phone, even if it is in silent mode. Remotely you can still lock the screen and send a message ( a warning, a threat , a request for reward) . Of course, there is the option to delete the entire phone’s data.
(IOS and Android)
The application promises to bring together various locator functions in a single app , but there are several differences between the version for Android and iOS (more complete) . In iOS you can send a message to the mobile screen remotely. Android already has the advantage of taking a picture of who typed your password incorrectly. For the system there is also a premium version , $ 2.99 per month. Despite these details it is one of the applications with the most user-friendly navigation .


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