Expand your business through content marketing ?

expand your business through content marketing

How to expand your business through content marketing ?: Here are some tips on new marketing trend and expand their business opportunities through content marketing.

For some time it is remarkable how the relationship between businesses and customers has changed. This change stems from the technological developments that completely changed the consumer behaviour towards brands. Previously, he saw an “interruption marketing”, where, without asking, were interrupted in television schedules in our way home, the music you hear on the radio, for ads and commercials. In this context, only the brand spoke and was left to the potential customer the option of listening. This style of marketing still exists but requires high investment and the return is not the same.

expand your business through content marketing

Today, it has become the trend is “permissive marketing”, where the target audience allows the brand contact, disseminate content and create a win-win for both. And what is the main factor of this relationship? Content.

The fact is that content marketing (inbound marketing) is no longer an option but a necessity for companies that want to generate more results and new business opportunities. Its essence is to offer something of value to your target audience, educating him and helping him to solve problems in their day to day. The brand, in this case, is seen as a partner and the sale happens after the consumer trust in the company as an authority on a given subject. Sell and create authority is what every company wants, is not it?

Tips for creating a content marketing strategy

Target Audience: First of all we need to know who your target audience. Find out what the age, sex, social class, education, tastes, interests, and especially, what are the problems that the public faces on a daily basis, your business can help solve. In this study, research also where your audience consumes information. Did he read on the internet? Which is social networking? Prefer video or text?

Present solutions to their difficulties. Plan your content considering the problems your audience faces and that relate to your business. Offer free content without commercial interest at first, without explicitly advertise your product or service. Worry first to relate to your potential customer. Show him that your company understands what your needs are and bet that your consumer can conclude that your company is the best option of course.

Create rich content. Although your corporate blog has enough audience, your goal is to generate conversions, is not it? A good content marketing strategy for lead generation is the production of rich content such as e-books, webinars, podcasts, video lessons, which can be made available in exchange for a strategic information (name, email, phone, company, title, etc). This technique works with the help of Landing Pages, which are capture pages where Internet users can only access the material after filling the form.

Use expressions Call to Action (CTA) in its publications. All published material aimed at generating conversions will only be successful if you use a good call to actions, ie key phrases that invite Internet users to perform an action. Example: “Request a Quote”, “Watch this video”, “Download the free stuff.” Invest some time creating good lines of action and use links that lead the reader to the Leading Pages and encouraging the conversion.

Do not ignore the email marketing. Email remains one of the key tools to generate leads. However, it is worth remembering what we talked about in the introduction of this article. Email can no longer act as intermissive marketing, sending spam and unwanted advertisements. On the contrary, it must be authorised by the owner of the email and contain content that is actually of interest. According to Pew Internet, people who use email, 61% access daily and 72% check their emails at least six times a day. It is or is not a tremendous opportunity?

Extend your reach on social networks. Almost all markets are the target audience in social networks, even companies that focus their business on the B2B relationship. The advantage of social networking is to expand the scope of its contents, causing the share, spontaneous indications and recommendations. However, is present only in networks that are really interesting to your business, not to waste energy and resources.

For your content marketing strategy to be effective, it is important that you also know the buying journey of his client, that is, try to understand what are the steps by which your prospect goes to become a customer . This will determine your content planning and the effectiveness of marketing.

Finally, it is important to always analyse the actions and results to create a continuous improvement routine and expand more and more opportunities for your business generated by marketing. Look listen to your audience, they always leave clues about what works or not.


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