How to embed audio and video files on WordPress

It is amazing with videos can add a lot of value and to a new life to the content of your post. You may have noticed how many content sites are adopting video in your content strategy. After all with a video of a few minutes it is possible to transmit a huge amount of information in a more dynamic, quickly and efficiently, which would require many, many pages of text.

For you to understand better the new habit of watching more and more videos online can remember that today YouTube is the second largest search site in the world, this is just one of the reasons to use Youtube videos on your website and expect good results.
In older versions of WordPress (prior to version 2.9), we were forced to use the embed code given by the site where the video was posted, or use a plugin to embed the videos correctly on your pages. With Embed feature, released in version 2.9, finally the task to insert videos into your WordPress site has something extremely easy and can administrators incorporate audio and video players sent directly to the post or page content. In the version 3.6 the task is even simpler thanks to MediaElement.js JavaScript library used to produce an HTML5 or Flash player, with full compatibility with many browsers and devices.
But despite this facility, I see that many novice users are not adopting this possibility. But now that you know the importance of videos for content, we will see how to put them in their posts.
How to embed audio and video files on WordPres

Considerations on the use of videos on your site

Because they are typically very large files in size, the video files must be hosted on hosting service video sites like YouTube and Vimeo. For normally Lodging most blogs and WordPress sites are allocated on shared servers, and being heavy videos, can generate excessive traffic to make the service fails.
But the main reason you should keep in mind is how to avoid potential loss of traffic a site like Youtube can generate for your pages. Aside from the fact that the servers of these websites are optimized for streaming video. With this, you will save the cost of disk space and traffic to your site consumption.
Embed Audio and Video in WordPress using Shortcodes
You can use the shortcode feature to incorporate audio and video files on your WordPress, just take the link of these files and use [Audio] or [Video] the content of your pages. See the example below of how this shortcode must be used:
<div style=”width: 640px; ” class=”wp-video”><!–[if lt IE 9]><script>document.createElement(‘video’);</script><![endif]–>
<video class=”wp-video-shortcode” id=”video-8193-1″ preload=”metadata” controls=”controls” width=”640″ height=”360″><source
You can find more details about the use of these shortcodes in the WordPress codex
Embed Audio and Video in WordPress using the URL of the file only
Even more simply than using Shortcodes , you can incorporate an audio or video file hosted on another server,

Just simply provide the URL to the file on its content. WordPress will interpret the file extension ( one. Mp3 , for example) , then then automatically load the media player. Remember that when you enter the URL for your media file, it should not be a link and should this on its own line .
File types supported by WordPress
MP3 audio and MP4 video formats are the default , but the player of MediaElement.js Bibiloteca supports all following types of files:
    mov / qt
    ogg / oga
Incorporar Áudio e Vídeo no WordPress de outros Sites
De forma tão simples como no método acima, você pode também inserir um vídeo de um site como o YouTube simplesmente também colando a URL da página que exibe o vídeo. Basta colar a URL do site em seu conteúdo em uma linha própria e sem link. Como no exemplo abaixo:
Como você pode ver, da mesma forma que o método anterior, com o mesmo resultado. Novamente graças a biblioteca MediaElement.js que dá suporte aos seguintes site de hospedagem de vídeos:
    Flickr (ambos os vídeos e imagens)
    Google Video (apenas do tipo VideoPress vídeos por enquanto)
    SmugMug (WordPress 3.0 +) (WordPress 3.0 +)


A great tip is to take advantage of this opportunity to make the task of incorporating videos to your post in WordPress a simpler routine. And make a routine is the most important , there are many good people teaching how to create videos , look take advantage of this trend, as it is expected to become increasingly common . My indication is to use and abuse of Youtube , it can bring a very good return traffic and also help in positioning your brand to some terms in Google search.


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