How to Easily Create a Multilingual WordPress Website Step by Step

Recently I have encountered me with many requests to create bilingual or multilingual sites (more than two versions of foreign languages) . This is due to the full potential of the Internet as an access to a global marketing tool, and now companies of all sizes are increasingly interested in getting trading partners in foreign markets.

To create multilingual sites in WordPress is necessary to take steps to have no problem with the content or layout of the site . In this tutorial we will cover some of these steps, refer to the most reliable plugins and also some ways to properly set up your site for multiple languages ??.
How to Creat WordPress site bilingual or multilingual

How to Design a Bilingual or Multilingual Website

It is the first decision you must take. How will the presentation of the site in other languages, for example, we use subdomains for each language, a WordPress installation for each, or we create a single site with all languages ??with a plugin which allows the configuration of different languages.
This decision can be based on a need that will come later to the development of the site, the content management. Think about who will update the site in the future, in some cases a version may be required to complete other language, including back-end and front-end of WordPress. If you need the version of the administrative area prefer the method of installation for each language.

Multiple versions of content

The translation of the content gives us a more complex challenge. We have to decide whether automatic translation will be used , or a manual translation for each page of the site .

In terms of quality human translation is without comparison the best option , providing a more enjoyable visitor experience , and generate better results for SEO. But the cost of service for translation may represent a barrier to the use of this method.
Looking for the content management side of this task becomes simpler for the developer with the help of WordPress plugins .
Exitem several options plugins for Worpdpress for creating multilingual sites . I will present the two most popular plugins available for WordPress developers.
QTranslate is a free plugin that creates a tab on your page editor and post for each language. The main benefit is that it is relatively easy to set up and use is very simple.
But you can make posts and pages become extremely heavy if there is a lot of content in each language .
It is a premium plugin, as well full options. With WPML you can organize different languages ??in the same domain (in different directories), sub-domains or in completely different domains.
Each page or post can be translated into its own administration screen. Another benefit is the ability to translate templates and plugins without the need to edit files.
The WPML has a system of translation management services, enabling simple management of a team of translators. Translators can access only translation work assigned only to them.
Using Machine Translation
It is certainly the fastest and most economical method, but provides results that can cause a non-professional perception of your site for your visitors, you can get many of the translations incorrect or too to “literally”.
In addition to not generate any benefit to optimize your site because search engines will not be content to be indexed and your site will appear only on the results of research done abroad if the search is requested in foreign sites.

An output with good results

A union between the two methods can be output with better cost benefit to your site. Try to use the automatic translation method , such as Google Translator for example, but insert the translation on your site, through a plugin like WPML or qTranslate .
So at least you will have the best results for your site’s SEO. Hire a translator or review the content yourself that obtained as the automatic translator. So can provide better experience for international visitors .
And you ‘ve ever needed to put more than one language on a website ? Leave here your experience , share your knowledge with us.


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