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Status of an Aadhar card can be verified through online if you have successfully applied for the card.Aadhar card is a type of Indian identity from its launch in the year 2011. I think you people have applied to aadhar at its Registration centers across the India. For that is the reason why you are exploring for aadhar card status online.
Why to Check the Aadhar card status online.

After successfully applying for aadhar card the enrollees will be provided the registration slip of EID(Enrolment ID) number to check the status online or can download e-Aadhar cards online. It is vital that you have to hold that number very safely with you. With the use of EID registration slip only, people can check their status by online. In case if you lose the EID slip it might be very hard to check your Aadhar card status online.
There are two choices to test the aadhar card status online. One can check the status of aadhar card through online using e – aadhar card link, or and also you can check a status of Aadhar card through mobile by sending SMS.
It will take nearly five-week to prepare the aadhar card under normal condition, but it might take three months. If you do not get the aadhar card after three months, then you can again re-apply for an aadhar card.
Check Aadhar card Status online

How to Check the Aadhar Card Status Online

You want some details to check the aadhar card status through its official site, i.e.,, and also you can also check the aadhar card status by an SMS through mobile, and remember that people cannot check the aadhar card status by their Names and Addresses.
Here I provided a step by step procedure to check the aadhar card status of the aadhar ID card. When you have registered to the aadhar card, you get confirmation or acknowledgement slip includes 14 digit registration number and the 14 digit date and time of registration. These 28 digits number is required to check the aadhar card status online. If you do not have Registration Slip, no one can help you in checking your status. If you have that slip, then you may check the aadhar card status right now by below given steps.
Step 1: Visit the official site:
Step 2: Click on the Check Aadhar Card Status tab at the left of the screen and below to the Book an Appointment Tab.
Step 3: A new window will be displayed.
Step 4: Enter your EID number as we explicitly mentioned above, 14 digit registration number on the registered slip. The format is “1234/12345/12345.”
Step 5: In the same way enter the date and time 14 digit number in the format of “dd/mm/yy, hh: mm:ss.”
Note: – Format of both the number must enter as same as we mentioned above.
Step 6: Enter the security or verification code from the given image box
Step 7: Then click on the check status tab.
How to Check the Aadhar Card Status Online

Then you will receive the current status of the aadhar card from this method. If your aadhar card status is good or Ok, then you can download the e – aadhar card.
If you have any issues in getting aadhar card, you can use the aadhar status card toll-free number for that click on the given link or use this below Address and contact numbers. toll-free- number.html
Aadhar card Customer Support Contact Address:
#Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI),
Government of India (GoI),
Third Floor, Tower number:2,
Jeevan Bharati Building
Near Connaught Circus
City: New Delhi,
Pincode: 110001.
Mail Address:
Aadhar Card Toll free customer care number: 1947
Aadhar card Customer support Helpline Email Address:

Check the Aadhar card status request by sending the SMS by mobile

1. To check a status of the aadhar card by giving SMS by mobile,
2. Send SMS as “UID STATUS <14 digit registration number> (e.g. UID STATUS 43434343434343) to the number 51969.
3. You have to send the SMS by enrolled mobile number
4. If your aadhar card has generated then, you will get the aadhar card number. Otherwise, you will not see the aadhar card number.
If you have any queries Regarding How to check the Aadhar card status online, just drop a Comment in the comment box below.


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