How to do to boost sales by linked In | 5 Major Tips to become a master in sales

Social networks have forever changed the way of working of the commercial department of Information Technology (IT) companies , and became one of the main tools of inbound marketing. We have entered the era of social sales, where the art of “feeding” the well informed buyer is made largely by digital media, long before any personal / telephone contact and before any deal is closed. There are some secrets for your IT company sell more with digital strategies , especially in networks for excellence by the B2B business, as is the case of Linked In . We leave here 5 tips to become a master in sales by Linked in .

5 Major Steps to become a master in sales by Linked In
5 major steps for Professional business

5 Tips to become a master in sales by Linked In

What to do to boost sales by Linked In ?

1. Your profile should reflect your business
Do not view your profile personal profile as an academic resume or work history, since there are potential customers using Linked In as a research channel solutions to their problems. Your profile is a marketing tool , so you should use it to share their expertise and the expertise of your company. Become a member and employee of the company that is ( automatic link to their page ) , describe your experience , put a professional banner at the top , and bet in getting recommendations ( including clients) . In brief , also enter the added value of the company for which he works , the corporate blog , videos , rich content (such as eBooks) , case studies … that show how what you do ( and where not) is of value to your target .

2. Find the right people
Put yourself in the shoes of your prospects and customers . On average , there are more than 7 people involved in hiring B2B technology solutions . And these people do not want to just selling them something , they want to be informed about how your solution and your business can help solve their problems. The prospecting via cold calling is dying slowly. The key to social sales is to find out which executives of interest to your company and understand what influences them. Wherever they are and enjoy the power of groups .

3. Create involvement with content
Think of social sales as a knowledge sharing. Must share content lightweight , easy to read , relevant and attractive . Show that you have knowledge about the solutions that your company offers . But remember , do not post commercial content , focused on sell, sell , sell. always publish something useful to your prospect. That’s what creates value .

4. Share experiences
Look for something current , important and interesting in its industry . 95 % of buyers expect sales specialists provide different points of view , at least in some aspects. Spend 30 minutes a day to keep up with what’s trending in your network and share something that adds value , compliments and exemplifies with real experiences , can be extremely profitable . Interact with your prospect.

5. Build trust with people
Linked In Research shows that buyers are 5 times more likely to create relationships with people who are presented through its network of contacts and has a print 22 times more favorable from those displayed by someone who really know . The great advantage of social networking is that let you do all this at a massive scale. Create custom contact requests , communicate by custom message ( and not copy / paste the same boring text ever) , share the news feed only the content that the game of interest to your target , and join groups where your target is present and interact in a relevant way .


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