How to Create and Build a Trusted Brand | 4 Steps

How to Create and a Trusted Brand - 4 steps

How to Create and Build a Trusted Brand

In the era of commoditization – is here to stay – create an emotional bond with your consumer is essential! When a brand can establish a good relationship with its customers, it has influenced the way they think, behave and, most importantly, buy!

Each tag transmits its own message, reinforced by several attributes. Some appeal to the high functional performance of their products, others for better value for money and have to bet on smart or greater social symbolism marketing. Independent positioning of each company, there is a common feature of most powerful brands: the promises made to consumers are met! In other words, these brands are reliable!

Seeking to understand the best ways to build trusted brands, a study of the major brands of 30 categories of mass consumption goods was conducted with 12,000 participants. The responses of these participants were related to the consumption habits of 150,000 households and the results you can check below.

1. Be innovative!

How to Create a Trusted Brand

According to the survey, be perceived as innovative is the most important marketing action to create a relationship of trust with consumers. The perception of a brand as innovative is more important than their presence in social media and even the messages conveyed by advertising.

2. Do not abuse the promotions

When consumers perceive brands are appealing to excessive promotions, the credibility of the offer may decrease, which brings negative impacts to the confidence that consumers have in that brand.

How to Create a Trusted Brand
3. Give preference to modern symbols !

Another marketing strategy that seems to work very well for brands seeking to increase their confidence is to work with a friendlier to the present position . This brand perception as modern is more positive to have a long history – and do not update – or be seen as a local icon.

4. Always remember quality !

Some brands opt for a more fun and relaxed position , which does not always contribute to its perception as unreliable. Offer high quality products is essential for brands wanting to stand out.

According to the researchers of this study , high levels of trust create a cycle : they attract more consumers , which in turn generate a higher confidence level for the brand .

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