How to block SBI ATM Card in india | Learn Block SBI ATM Card When Lost

How to Block SBI ATM Card When Lost

Did You lose the SBI ATM Card? And you Do not know how to block card? Don’t worry and read on. After studying this article,  your problem will get solved within 5 minutes & Further, You can block the Lost ATM Card very easily and without lag as someone may abuse that & withdraw money from your ATM card. So, take quick action & then Block the ATM Card (SBI ). As soon as ATM Card lost & there are many methods or steps to block the lost ATM card and here is the explanation

It deals with how to block the lost ATM card and belongs to the State Bank of India (SBI), I have suggested five ways to which one can block their lost ATM, Continue to read them:
How to block SBI ATM Card in india

1. Blocking through using Toll-Free Number.
State Bank of India(SBI) gave Toll-Free Numbers for the queries or issues if you face any with the ATM cards & You can communicate them by calling the below numbers offered & can block the lost ATM card by affording appropriate information & through that lost card additional transactions would not be done.
Toll-Free Numbers:   18004253800 / 1800112211
State Bank of India Alternative Number:  080-26599990

2. Blocking through using the E-mail Address.
With sending the  mail to the below-given Email address, you can talk to members of customer care service & through that, one can block the ATM card by providing related information.

3. Blocking through Sending SMS.
You can also block your lost ATM Card by sending the SMS alert & here are the methods to follow If you remember the number details of card 
SMS BLOCK XXXX (last four digits of the lost card number).
Send the message to 567676 with the enrolled mobile number.
This step makes your ATM card block forever, and additional transactions will not perform & you cannot debit from it.

4. Blocking by using internet banking.
If You are using the Internet Banking then from existing place itself, one can block the lost ATM Card & few steps should be followed to block your SBI ATM Card By Internet Banking & below are the steps

1. Go To Online SBI & sign in by giving username & password.
2. That will take you to the homepage there and click on E-services in the Menu Bar.
3. Click on the “ATM card service” the last choice in the left sidebar.
4.  Click on the “Block ATM” option.
5.  Choose the account & click on the continue option.
6.  Determine the reason for the lost & click on Submit button.
The Managers in the SBI check the right reason, & then they will block your lost ATM CARD, & this makes the card transaction less & cannot Debit money after that.
Sbi Atm Blocking through internet banking

5.  Blocking through Online Without using Internet Banking.
I know your doubt what if you do not have internet banking, but still you desire to block your lost ATM CARD Online? Don’t bother Below is the best way to block ATM card  by following easy step presented below
1. Visit the link Presented here to block your lost ATM.
2. Click On the Next Step that you notice as the button.
3. Enter your Account Details,  enrolled mobile number, country, & captcha verifying or verification code has given in below box.
4. Click On the Submit button & that makes your lost debit card blocked.
It is necessary to block your lost SBI ATM Card so others cannot be accessed and you share and receive this information & make your friends instructed concerning this topic. I hope you follow the right way to block your lost ATM in SBI. The faculty will help you in the additional process. Thanks for reading & Stay tuned for more useful information


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