How to attract your Customers Through the Corporate Blog


HOW TO ATTRACT YOUR CUSTOMERS THROUGH THE CORPORATE BLOG: The success of your Corporate blog depends upon the How to attract your Customers, Want tips for your editorial strategy? Our experts are here to help!

Animating a blog is an undeniable asset for your business. A corporate blog helps to inform, develop its community, increase its visibility and convert customers.

How to write well for the web? What content strategy to adopt? In this article, we teach you how to become a good web editor! And our expert François Kermoal will offer you  3 extra tips.

A business blog is important because it is an open door to discussion with its customers and a way to acquire others. By publishing articles related to your core business, you value your expertise and give the image of a dynamic company that follows the news and evolves with its time.

How to attract your Customers via Corporate Blog:

To find your article topics, analyse the needs of your clients. 

The web is a goldmine that allows you to know the problems of your customers. On forums, social networking groups, article reviews, users ask a lot of questions. Use these topics for your articles, this will allow you to attract quality traffic.

Maximise your SEO. 

Article writing allows, in time to optimise your SEO. Be sure to adhere to a few rules to maximise your SEO: bold putting some keywords making part of user searches; Use keywords in your titles, URL, and photos.

Guide your readers to action. 

What do you want your client to do as a result of his reading? If you want your client to visit your site, guide it by inserting visible call-to-action and incentives. To analyse your blog and clicks, Sumome is a great tool to use in addition to Google Analytics.

Make it simple and human!

Subject verb complement. The simplest and shortest sentences are the best. Companies have an incredible ability to complicate things as if complexity was a pledge of intelligence. It would be the opposite. Always start your articles with essential information. It has to answer the basic questions: who, what, where, when, how, why … Also, make human because people interest other people. The more your article will be embodied by a person, the more it will be read.

Think Multimedia!

Multimedia, an asset for your blog!

The blog allows all formats: text, video, photo, sound … Why not use them all? Many blogs are content with texts whereas a simple well-labeled photo will often say more than a long article. An article accompanied by a photo, if possible of a person, it has all the same more mouth! And why not try some slideshows? Same thing for the video, which explodes on the Web. Has your smartphone a camera? Use it! Your movies do not need to be long. A simple question/answer to a collaborator will do the job very well.

Publish regularly!

Nothing worse than a summer-fallow blog, with articles dating from last year. Try to publish very regularly, at least on a weekly pace. Better one item per week than four once a month. A good method is to create editorial appointments, such as the headings of a newspaper: the collaborator on Monday, the restaurant of the weekend … You can even prepare them in advance and schedule them on a fixed date.

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