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How to Apply PF Without Employer Signature Procedure – Employee Provident Fund or EPF is the retirement saving plan which has controlled by the Employee Provident Fund Organisation or EPFO in India. As per the plan, private corporations subtracts  a fraction of their employees salary for each and every month i.e. around 12 percent of their basic salary & invest the equal with EPFO with an equal contribution. Otherwise, employer deducts the part of employees salary &  give some from his side &  spend this full amount with EPFO.

Do you desire to know how to withdraw the EPF without the signature  of employer? The reasons might be many like:  your employer is not assist, you have not served the notice period, you wish for withdraw the provident fund without a  resignation, or may be the corporation has closed. what be the reason is, you would be happy to identify that, EPF withdrawal with no employer signature is now simple.

In previous days, it was the lengthy method to withdraw the EPF balance. With the recently established the new EPF Withdrawal Forms, now you do not require to wait for the employer’s sustain & can straight go to the local EPFO. The three new EPF withdrawal forms are the Form 10C UAN, 19 UAN, & Form 31 UAN.

Withdraw EPF devoid of Employer Signature Terms & Conditions 

For a variety of reasons lakhs of the employees are there, who desire to get their PF amount without departing to the employer. Plus this new rule is a big respite to them. To benefit this facility, you must stick to the below five conditions.

–>You must have finished more than two months of service

–>You must have the UAN number make active.

–>You must have the Aadhar number correlated with UAN.

–>Your KYC must be confirmed by the employer using the digital signatures.

–>You must give your Bank details along with UAN.

Steps to withdraw the EPF without employer signature 

>The new forms of an  EPF Withdrawal are cut down and contain very few areas. You just want to fill & submit them directly to a local EPFO Office devoid of worrying about the signature of the employer.

>First, you want to download the new withdrawal form of EPF . It is an order form from the proper Form 19, Form 10C & forms 31.

>In these application forms, you want to fill the name, mobile number,  UAN,  Address, Date of leaving,  the cause for leaving along with the permanent account number (PAN).

>You should just enter the details of ‘Form 19 UAN’ to withdraw an EPF amount.

>Attach the voided cheque with these filled forms.

>Submit the new withdrawal forms of EPF  to the local EPFO along with the voided cheque.

>You can also withdraw the EPS benefit, make the partial loan, withdrawal, or accommodation with these forms.

>To get the pension benefit under the EPS, you want to fill the application form ‘10C UAN‘.

Plus, store in mind that, all the information provided in the reports should match with the database of UAN . EPFO will confirm the bank account number of voided cheque with the number in the database of UAN. The EPF balance will deposit into the bank account specified in the database of UAN. So it is compulsory that both of this account match. You can present your salary account of the previous job.

Remember the new withdrawal forms of EPF  

New Form 19 (UAN):  One can do this form to take the amount of EPF in case if you quit the job due to retirement,  disablement, resignation, termination, permanent settlement overseas or marriage.

 How to Apply PF Without Employer Signature Procedure

New Form 10C (UAN): One can use this new form along with the Form 19 (universal account number) to claim or complaint to the Employee Pension Scheme (EPS) amount.

 How to Apply PF Without Employer Signature Procedure

New Form 31 (UAN): one can accept this form to use withdrawal or advances.

 How to Apply PF Without Employer Signature Procedure

You can understand the complete EPFO announcement here. In case anybody has an experience of withdrawal of EPF without employer signature, please feel Frank share it in the below comments box. We also providing the How to Check your EPF Status Online.


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