How to Add the Twitter Follow button on a WordPress blog

Twitter has over time to increase the level of functionality of its platform. It all started with the official button Twitter to share articles with friends and acquaintances, then with the anywhere platform Twitter, and more recently with the official follow button on Twitter. But what is it and how is Twitter Follow button? What is the difference between Twitter follow button and the share button Twitter? In this article we explain step by step what the differences.


Twitter follow button is a small widget that allows users of your site or blog follow your profile easily (or any Twitter account). The new Twitter Follow Button makes use of a very similar procedure to that content-sharing button, and is also extremely simple to implement on your blog. When you see the Twitter Follow button on a site, if you click, you will see a window with all the information about this Twitter profile. Look:

How to Add the Twitter Follow button on a WordPress blog

If you are wondering what the format of Twitter Follow button , we put down the button so that you can experience for yourself and even now begin to follow us on Twitter and follow the news all WordPress from our profile. Look:

Follow @escolawordpress


You can go on the page Follow button and generate code for your Twitter profile . Or if you want you can copy the following code :

<a href=”” class=”twitter-follow-button” data-lang=”pt”>Follow @online-seva</a>
<script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script>

Do not forget to change the URL and username with your username on Twitter.

If you are using the official Twitter button to share your blog content , then you will not have to paste the complete code , but only this part :

<a href=”” class=”twitter-follow-button” data-lang=”pt”>Follow @online-seva</a>

How to Add the Twitter Follow button on a WordPress blog

Now you can copy and paste the code anywhere on your blog . The vast majority of users put the code in sidebar.php file of your template . However, if you do not feel comfortable to edit PHP files from your template wordpress , you can place the code in the widget. The vast majority of templates for wordpress include sidebars that supports widgets. To do this, go to your WordPress control panel , click Appearance > Widgets . Select Text widget / HTML and paste your code into it. Look:

It is not necessary for you to install a plugin on your WordPress blog to accomplish this simple task. Whenever possible avoid using plugins for things as simple as using a button of its kind in the sidebar of your blog, because the plugins consume immense resources in your hosting server.


This section is more targeted to designers or developers who wish to customize the Follow button so that it fits more correctly with the template you are drawing. The same goes for bloggers and webmasters who wish to make their blogs more attractive. Twitter allows you to customize the color of your button, text color, link color, the language of the button widget, alignment, etc.

JavaScript variables that you are using:

    data-show-count (true or false)
    date-button (blue or gray)
    data-text-color (hex code)
    data-link-color (hex code)
    data-lang (en, fr, de, es, en)
    data-width – (300px)
    date-align – (right)

If you want to specify customized to your button, the final code would look something like this:

<A href = “” class = “twitter-follow-button” data-button = “gray” data-text-color = “# FFFFFF” data-link-color = “# ffa24f “data-show-count =” true “> Follow @online-seva</a>


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