How to add Facebook Subscribe button on WordPress

Late last year, Facebook introduced the “Subscribe” in all user profiles. This button is also available to bloggers and webmasters so that they could put it on their websites and blogs. Unfortunately there are few even users who exploit this option, but actually has a huge aggregate potential, especially as to subscribe to the updates, a user is bound to establish a concrete link with that profile, which makes the vast majority of messages that profile are shown in the feed user news on Facebook, generating greater interest, a higher CTR and consequently indirect gains.

In addition, the button allows the user to subscribe follow posts from people on Facebook that he does not know and / or which is not a friend. If you are a blogger and you want to maximize the potential of your personal / professional profile on Facebook, you must have to include a button to subscribe to your blog. It is simple to make and the results are quite positive.
To complement this strategy, consider also use the following:


Start by visiting the URL to see the conditions of use that button , and start the same setup process . If you do not have the active option for your profile, you must activate it to look like this image below:
If your goal involves getting more subscribers to your personal Facebook page, we recommend that you optimize the URL of your personal profile. To do this, go to the address and change the URL for more efficient termination as we use in our product
Continuing the setup process, you need to necessarily go to the following address: to set up the appearance and presentation of your subscribe button. Consider the structure presented below in the following image:
How to add Facebook Subscribe button on WordPress

set subscribe
To properly configure the button, you must put the URL of your personal profile in the first field, where it says “Profile URL”, choose a style for the from button three styles available, enable the box to show the pictures of users who have subscribed to the profile, and also set the width of this code snippet. This last aspect is very important if you do not have much space to put the button.
After that set, click the “Get Code” button!
Above, between the ” HTML5 ” options , ” XFBML ” or ” IFRAME ” , you should choose the last option , which is less complex to use. The other options require the JavaScript SDK that Facebook offers for more advanced developers .
So that the code is working correctly, you must copy the ” Iframe ” code and paste it in the location where you want it to appear . If the sidebar of your blog, if you have widgets available for use , you must create a widget text / HTML and paste there this code, save the widget and place it where you want as well . Example:
Simple and very effective , especially if you have many subscribers! Thus, any user who accesses your blog , you can subscribe to updates from your Facebook profile , even if not your friend or acquaintance in the social network in question.


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