Generating qualified leads: challenge or obligation?

Despite the marketing and sales ‘ play on the same team,” often it seems that the two departments do not communicate with one another within the same company. We often see sales to appoint the marketing department , responsible for generating leads, irrelevant and inconsequential. On the other hand, the marketing department sales dub usually incompetent and without vision.

One of the most critical steps to mediate the issues that arise between the marketing and sales departments is the creation of an SLA (Service Level Agreement) , or Service Level Agreement. There are 3 main steps for creating an SLA . Having an effective SLA allows the generation of leads to be more efficient and achieve the target of more accurate way.

Marketing must commit to numbers in terms of lead generation

Generating qualified leads

A marketing department must have concrete goals for where guide your lead generation strategy. However, these objectives must be aligned with the mentality of the sales team and be based on concrete and realistic figures. Sales are driven by commissions, which are directly linked to their pay and job security. Establish a similar number for Marketing, shows that this department is, at all, in line with the sales and subject to the same pressure to achieve the goals.

The importance to communicate, celebrate and address the achievement of goals

Communicate how each team is reviewing your goals is a guarantee of transparency. It is important to generate reports or analyze and record the alignment of marketing and sales departments with their goals. The lead generation wins with this good practice and the return of their IT company as well.

Reach an agreement between the two teams: SLA

In this agreement called SLA, a compromise that serves to detail the goals of marketing, including lead numbers, generating qualified leads or return on sales funnel, as well as sales activity, including the follow-up that makes the leads generated by Marketing. The lead generation is the most important activity in this agreement, but it is important to note that the activity of a department supports the other.

The SLA, which is based on concrete numerical targets and allows these two departments traditionally antagonistic work together.

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