Documents Required for applying fresh Passport

In this post we are sharing the information about Whar are the documents required for applying the Fresh Passport or Tatkal Passport full details here. Any getting Doubts about What Documents Requiring for Applying for New passport read this article carefully. The below explained are some of the documents required for applying for passport

What are the Documents requiring applying for Fresh Passport:

What Documents required applying for passport

For Fresh Passport:
  • Address proof- Permanent address
  • Voter ID card with present address
  • Aadhaar card (UID)
  • Latest Phone bill with present address
  • Gas connection with present address
  • Bank passbook Xerox
  • Rental agreement (100 Rs Bond Paper with attested)
  • Income Tax Assessment order copy
  • Water bill with present address
  • Power bill with present address
  • Company letterhead with a stamp and signature
  • Passport of the wife/Husband
  • Mother or Father Passport
  • Date of Birth Certificate (Age proof)
  • Educational Certificates
  • Certificate Declare before a magistrate.

1 . Address Proof (attach any one of the following documents):
Candidates ration card, the certificate from the reputed companies on the letterhead, telephone or water or electricity bill or record of running bank account or IT Charge Order or Election Commission or voter  ID card, passport copy of Spouse, Gas connection Bill,  passport copy of parent’s in the case of the minor applicants.
NOTE: If any candidate attaches only ration card as the address proof, it should be accompanied by one or more address proof from above-mentioned sections.
2 . Date of Birth Proof  (attach any one of the following documents):
Birth certificate received by the district office or Municipal Executive of the Registrar of Deaths & Births, certificate of  Date of birth from school last studied by the candidate or any other approved educational institution; or an Affidavit or notary testified before the  Magistrate or stated date in the Notary or place of birth by semi-illiterate or illiterate candidates. N.B.
 In the situation of candidates born on or after the 26.01.89, the only Date of Birth Certificate declared by the Authority of Municipal or the Office of Registrar of Deaths  & Births is sufficiently / acceptable.

3 . Citizenship Certificate if the candidate is the Indian citizen by Naturalization or  Registration.
4 . Employees of Statutory body or Public Sector or Government have to submit the Identification Certificate in original along with the Standard.
5 . If the candidate is qualified for the ECNR, join attested copy of the supporting record.
6 . If the candidate has repatriated ( returning the people to his /her place of citizenship or origin ) at State cost, enclose records to show that the expense, if any, included by the Indian Government on his or her, repatriation has completely refunded to the Indian Government, Ministry of the External Affairs.
7 . If the candidate has ever extradited to India, provide specifications of Passport or Emergency Certificate.

B ) When submitting the application for reissue of the passport after ten years, then attach:

original old passport with the self-attested Xerox of its first 4 & last 4 pages, comprising ECR or ECNR page.
The document suggested at (A) (4), if relevant.
The report indicated at (A) (5) if the old passport didn’t hold ECNR stamp or it had issued when the candidate was a minor.
If there is any difference in the address, the document specified at A (1).
If your old passport doesn’t include spouse name, attach the copy of the marriage certificate allotted affidavits to support the marriage. Registrar of Marriage.

 C ) When applying for the minor’s passport attach the records:

There are many Annexure managed to file the application for a minor child & further specifications just contact us.
Attested Xerox of the passport, if each, both of parents, appropriate Original passports of your parents should give for confirmation of details
If one parent is citizen abroad, a stated affidavit by the parent citizen abroad attached by the committee of Indian along with the affidavit from the parent living in India as well has submitted.
(3) Re-married candidates requesting for change of name or spouse’s name must provide:
Divorce deed or death certificate as the cause might be in honour of 1st spouse, & Record as at (1) above associating to the second marriage
In other cases for change of name, the candidate for both male &  female should provide:
Deed poll or affirmed affidavit
Paper cuttings of two leading regular newspapers in the original: one regular newspaper that declared address of candidate’s present & permanent address or near by area.


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